By Trenedy&akira 7th period


Oil is readying-Made relatively cheap to extract and to convert into energy.


When burned it gives off atmospheric pollutants including greenhouse gasses, only a limited supply.

how is this resource formed and how its used

A carbon based Liquid formed from fossilised animals; Lakes of oil are sandwiched between seams of rock in the earth; Pipes are sunk down to the researchers pump the oil out.


Oil is nonrenewable because they were formed from buried remains of plants and animals that lived millions of years ago.

where this resource is found most abundantly

the top oil producing countries are Saudi Arabia, Russia, The united states, Iran, and China, 31 states.

the harmful effects that are caused by oil

spilled oil can harm living things because its chemical constituents are poisonous. this can affect organisms both from internal exposure to oil through ingestion or inhalation and from external exposure through skin and eye. Oil can also smother some small species of fish or invertebrates and coat feathers and fur, reducing birds' and mammals' ability to maintain their body temperatures.