There are tons of things to do in Mozambique. Some activities Mozambique has are Big Game Fishing,Swimming with the Dolphins and Scuba diving


If you love food then some great food that Mozambique has are Paozinho, Sandes de Quiejo, and Matatas. Some good holiday food in Mozambique are Bolo Polana, and Filhos de Natal.


Guaranteed to have fun!

Frequently Asked Question

1.What is the weather and climate like in Mozambique?

Mozambique has a warm tropical climate. There are two main seasons,the wet season from October to March, and the dry season from April to September.

2.How big is Mozambique?

Mozambique is the 36th largest country in the world and is about the same size as Turkey at around 801, 590 square kilometers.

3.Is there internet connectivity?

Internet is readily available in Maputo, with many internet cafes and all the major hotels have internet access.


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