The Calculator

The History and Why it is Needed

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When was the calculator first introduced?

The first "calculator" was created in America during the early 1800's. It was created so that Americans could do more complicated expression in a shorter amount of time creating more educated citizens. However, this calculator is not like the common ones you see today. It looks like a slate with little beads you can move around to help keep track of your counting.

The First Electronic Calulator

The first fully electronic calculator was made by Bell Punch Co. in 1957. This desk sized machine used many vacuums along with many more electronic components. This first calculator weighed in at 33 pounds. This "calculator" could do all of the simple functions such as division, multiplication, subtraction, and addition. However, the improvement of the calculator didn't stop there.
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The First Handheld Calculator

In 1966, a team from R&D had created the first hand held model of a calculator. Still not as powerful calculators today, it could perform only simple problems. Many advancements were made from there, adding more accessibility to people, and cheaper prices. This calculator went on to spark the creation of the modern day calculator.
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The Modern Calculator

The modern calculator is what many people have on their desks and in their classrooms today. These devices can figure out some of the most complicated problems and equations in the mathematical world. They are often about the size of a smartphone, but then your smartphone could be your calculator. The way technology has advanced in the twenty-first century, your device could be your calculator if you just open an app. However, the calculator is still growing. It is becoming easy to use, cheaper to buy, and smarter altogether.
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The Calculator in the Future

The calculator has evolved over the years, and it is hopefully going to improve more. Only time will tell where this device will go, and it can only go in the right direction. People think that the calculator will someday get the point where it won't need keys, it will just read your mind. This is still a ways away, but it is very possible in the future. Nonetheless the calculator will always be around, whether on your smartphone, tablet, or reading your mind, it will still be there.