Blue Countries Erasmus + Project

November 10th -15th 2018

Our First Mobility!!

We had great excitement arriving in Lodz, Poland for the first mobility of our 'Blue Countries' project. Our Polish hosts planned a great trip and it was action-packed with cultural events, sight-seeing and lots of learning activities throughout the days. In addition, pupils had free time for fun activities with their families and teachers met to plan the project activities.

Mobility in Poland

Saturday, Nov. 10th 2018 at 5pm

4 Bohdanowicza

Łódź, województwo łódzkie

The first of six meetings where pupils and teachers from Poland, Romania, Italy, Greece, Estonia and Ireland involved in the 'Blue Countries' Erasmus + project come together to share ideas, meet new people and learn together.

Sunday 11th November

The first day of the Polish mobility started with a walking tour round Lodz followed by a visit to the Cinematography Museum and Herbst Palace. Following the cultural morning, the students relaxed with their families whilst co-coordinators and teachers took a well-earned rest at the Uniejow Spa.

Trip to Wroclaw

On Monday 11th November, Poland celebrated Independence Day with a national holiday and we set out to visit Wroclaw, a historic, picturesque city three hours drive from Lodz. Our first stop was to the Sky Tower, the highest building in Poland. Even though the day was misty, the panoramic views were spectacular.

We then took a walking tour around Wroclaw. One of the features of this city are the gnomes which appear in the oddest of places!!! We walked by the River Oder and saw many of its bridges.

One of the highlights for our students was the visit to Wroclaw Zoo. We spent a very enjoyable few hours visiting its indoor aquarium and viewing its reptiles and other species.

Presentations Day

On Tuesday we got down to work and students got the opportunity to present their work on their countries and schools. It wasn't all work though as they spent time dancing and collaborating on a quiz. Meanwhile co-ordinators and teachers worked on agreements for the project. It was very interesting for teachers to see the school and to observe the different methodologies and teaching and learning styles. In the afternoon, we got more professional when we visited the Technical University of Łódźand undertook a debate on the origins of water and listened to presentations by each country on this topic.

In the early evening stiudents and teachers took a guided tour alongside the river Sokołówka and we got a history of Łódź from the rivers' perspective. We also learned about the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution in Łódź. This was very interesting and informative.

Students met with their host families and enjoyed some free time shopping, eating and trampolining this evening.

The Final Day

On Wednesday 13th we worked once again on agreement for the project going forward. Students were actively engaged in sports activities which they thoroughly enjoyed. After evaluating the project the next stop was to the Water Treatment Plant in Lodz- Gminna Oczyszczalnia Ścieków . We were given an introductory talk about the workings of the plant and then went on a guided tour. This was definitely a multi-sensory experience!! From an educational point of view it developed an awareness of the value of our water and how in its treatment the by products are re-used .

Student got to spend a final evening with their families while teachers enjoyed a farewell dinner at Anatewka Restaurant, one of the most reputable restaurants in Lodz.


We had a wonderful time in Lodz. Many thanks to Jacek; the teachers & students in his school and the incredibly generous host families who couldn't do enough for the visiting students. This mobility was a great start to our Erasmus +project and I think we can all agree that we look forward to more discussion, collaboration, fun, cultural exchanges, music dance food and interesting educational experiences in the coming months and years.
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