Ms. Conrad's TAG Classes

March Update

3rd Grade STAAR Ready Practice Tests

Our students have been busy sharing their knowledge and showing that they are up to the challenge of the upcoming STAAR tests.

Both Math and Language Arts Students have been proactive and done a self-analysis of their tests which will be in this Thursday's TAG folder. These reports show what types of errors were made. Although there were very few, we will continue to fine-tune our skills so we will do even better on the real thing!

4th Grade STAAR Ready Practice Test

The 4th Graders have also been working very hard. While we didn't have classtime to do a self-analysis, I will send a report home in the TAG Thursday folder that shows areas missed. For students with a grade lower than 85%, please have them complete the goal setting sheet and return it after Spring Break. We will begin with the end in mind as we continue to work on the areas with deficits.

STAAR Testing Dates:

Tuesday 4/21 STAAR 3rd & 4th Mathematics

Wednesday 4/22 STAAR 3rd & 4th Reading

Excellence in Reading Program

Mrs. Stork and I attended a TAG Teacher training where a representative from Mensa for Kids spoke and she shared this program. There are different reading lists based on grade levels. Students read the books listed and receive a certificate and a t-shirt. Not only will they be sharpeing their saws, but they will be reading some outstanding literature! I may even challenge our fellow teachers at Blackland to join us! Students can get credit for up to 10 previously read books, but please understand it may take more than a year to complete some of the lists. I am leaving this up to parents to monitor and send in the paperwork if interested, but please let me know when you child finishes a list. It is worth celebrating!

4th Writing Camp This Week-No TAG

Since students will be focusing on writing all week, we will have no Reading TAG classes.

I have shared an assignment with the students to work on as they have time. It is not due until March 23 and it is for an extra grade. If they choose not to do it, it wil not count against them. I did explain how it's always nice to have an extra strong grade, just in case one day you have a not so strong grade. It helps with the average. Do Think About It, questions #1-13-ONLY REQUIRED TO DO 5 OF THE 13-YOUR CHOICE!

Students should also work on their ISP Passion Project. The next Step is due April 9. I have reminded them that they can continue to email if they have any questions on anything we are working on and I will be happy to help.