Daniel's Story

By: Carol Matas

Character Comparison Between Anne and Daniel

Anne and Daniel are alike in a way that they both hate the Nazis and believe in defying them. They both also speak their minds freely and don't care what others think. They both have strong relationships with their fathers. But Anne lived in an attic in constant fear of discovery, while Daniel lived in concentration camps in constant anguish. Daniel does speak his mind but he minds his manners around adults while Anne doesn't. Also Daniel was very close with his siblings but Anne didn't talk much with her sister.

Pivotal Action

Daniel joined the Resistance at the Nazi camp and they were planning an uprising to take control of the camp. Him and his father had to shoot the tower guard who manned the massive machine guns at the top when the grenade went of. The followed through and the Resistance successfully took over the camp. If he would of chickened out and not risked his life the uprising might have failed due to the gunfire from the huge machine guns at the top of the towers. So his decision had a huge impact and would have had bad effects if he hadn't done it.