Read Without Glasses

Learn how you can remove your reading glasses in just 15 min training per day!

As people age, the lens loses its focusing power resulting in near vision deterioration. Unable to focus the way we used to, images sent to be processed in the brains' visual cortex are unfocused and processing is slow and very difficult, resulting in a blurred image. This natural unavoidable deterioration of the eyes as we age can be compensated by boosting the speed and quality of image processing in the brain. Using advance, non-invasive methodologies researched over the last 15 years and successfully tested in numerous studies, including a recent study at the School of Optometry in the University of California, Berkeley USA, GlassesOff™ can help you achieve over 80% improvement in near vision abilities!
In the study, all subjects who required reading glasses to read newspaper font size could read comfortably without reading glasses following three months of training with GlassesOff™.