Mrs. Burns' Kindergarten

Weekly Wrap-Up

Buzzing into Spring

This week our Unit has been on bees! The children (and I) have learned so much about these little creatures! Do you know our planet would be very different if there were no bees? They are a huge part of our ecosystem. We loved learning how the queen, worker and drone bees all work together in the hive. We have been doing a lot of research on bees behavior, learning about their life cycle, and watching some fascinating video clips of bees in action! Mrs. Garibaldi brought in Florida honey and biscuits for snack, and we graphed how many of us liked and disliked honey. We also had a special visitor this afternoon.... Mr. Johnston, a bee keeper! It was exciting to see our learning come to life as we listened to him tell us all about honey bees, his hives, and even watch live bees in his observation hive.
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Cheering Section for Bike-A-Thon

We were very happy to cheer on EC-4 this morning as they had their annual bike-a-thon. The money raised goes to charity!

Guidance - Personal Space

Ms. Pszenny continued her lessons on "Personal Space" this week. The children played a fun game where they had to stay on their personal space mats and work together to keep balloons from touching the ground. They worked on teamwork and realized that sometimes it can be a challenge to stay in your own space.

Morning Drop-Off

Just a reminder about morning carline. If you are IN LINE by 7:50am, your child should go directly to the plaza. However, if you are pulling up after 7:50, during morning opening, your child should not get out of the car. Parents need to drive around to the front, park and come in to sign their child in at the front desk. Thanks for your support and help with keeping the children safe.