Write for Texas

2015-2016 School Year Wrap Up

Write for Texas Resources Page

Reminder: TEA has created and linked downloadable resources through Write for Texas here

Survey to TEA and Write for Texas Grant

  • As a wrap up to this year's grant, TEA has created a survey for analysis of this year and planning for next year
  • Results are anonymous and reported directly to Write for Texas Grant in Austin
  • Surveys must be completed by Wednesday, May 25th

See links below to access either survey:

What's the Future for W4T?

  • What's happening across Texas and specifically for ECISD
  • Offer your own feedback and suggestions
  • Feedback is anonymous and reported back to ESC18 Write for Texas Coaches

Share your anonymous suggestions using the link below!

Summer Literacy Academy & Write for Texas

Don't forget to register for the Summer Literacy Academy with Write for Texas!

  • When: June 29 and 30
  • Where: Crossroads Church, Odessa
  • Stipends are possible
  • W4T breakout session
  • Registration link for Write for Texas teachers: go.esc18.net/W4Tsummer

See conference website and session information to come using the link below!

Resource Review & Updates:



What it is: current event news articles, can be differentiated by lexile levels

What's New: (a lot!)

  • additional Spanish articles
  • text sets for Literature, History, Science
  • paired passages with thematic essay
  • pro/con pieces
  • famous speeches
  • election 2016 issues pieces



What it is: thematically linked pieces across genres, arranged by grade level

What's New: big updates!

  • paired text
  • related media
  • teacher guide
  • additional themes
  • search feature

Join us for the 2nd Annual Technology Conference!

When: June 6th

Where: Midland College

Cost: $100

Registration, Info, and Session Details: http://go.esc18.net/futureready

A word about THIS tool, SMORE...


  • It's free...ish (only 5 free smores)
  • Ideas: newsletters, class resources, presentation tool
  • Be on the lookout for educator discounts if you want a paid version!