the largest terrestrial biome and it extends across europe

Abiotic factors

1.) water

2.) air

3.) dirt

4.) rocks


average yearly precipitation:12 to 33 inches of rain

temperature: (-65 to 30˚)

Biotic factors

1.) moose

2.) wolverines

3.) black bear

2 ways humans harm the tiaga

1.) they cut down trees

2.) forest fires

2 ways humans help the tiaga

1.) the forest stewardship council is a logging organization that ensures that the forest it logs are logged sustainably and safely for the people who live in the area and most certainly the animals.

2.) people that live there feed the wild animals roaming around

Cool fact about the taiga

Fires are very common there


1.) mushrooms

2.) earthworms


1.) grass

2.) trees

3.) plants

What it's like in this biome

In this biome it I very cold it's in the negative 60 degrees! It's also doesn't rain too much because when it does it gets very cold.