Tech Bytes:

Focus on TouchCast

Lesson Plan

Welcome and introduction to TouchCast (15 minutes)

Encourage teachers that this is not just another tool to learn and throw out the window.

What's the big deal?

Why and how can students use it?

Ask: Is everyone onboard and ready to try it out?

Getting Started:

  1. Download or locate the free app on ipad ( app store) or PC (not yet available for Mac). Explain what supplies may be needed to do a TouchCast.
  2. Create an account and verify it. (10 minutes)
  3. Using the ipads provided, we will take turns recording short introductions about ourselves. These videos can also be used during Open House night. (30 minutes) I would then show them my TouchCast Introduction.
  1. Trim any unnecessary footage off of your video. (Explain/Demonstrate) (5 minutes)
  2. Pick at least 2 Vapps to use in your TouchCast. (Explain/Demonstrate Vapps) (20 minutes)
  3. Add a link to your classroom website. (Explain/Demonstrate ) (5 minutes)
  4. Save ( last name and course) and Export your first TouchCast (Explain/Demonstrate) (5 minutes)
  5. Share your Touch Cast on a Smore, website, email, etc. (Explain/Demonstrate) (10 minutes)
  6. Questions, troubleshooting and sharing of EduCasts/TouchCasts (10 minutes)
  7. Reinforce where teachers and students can go for tutorials and troubleshooting. (2 minutes)
  8. Close and praise teachers for learning such a valuable tool that will not only be useful to them, but to students as well. (3 minutes)

Quick Glimpse Inside...

TouchCast's in Education (EduCast): Student Centered Active Learning

Tina Durst Cellars

Digital Facilitator and Educator