Rock to Biological Rhythms Night

Sponsored by your Pineal Gland

Are you Tired of Being Tired?

Tired of reading that boring old textbook late at night? Having troubling staying awake listening to those boring history podcasts? Losing focus writing that English paper after dark?

Rock to Biological Rhythms Night

Wednesday, April 23rd 2014 at 11pm-1am

Pineal New Jersey

Sleepy Time Awaits

You are invited to a deep slumber starting at 11 PM Thursday night. Enjoy the relaxing release of melatonin as your pineal gland takes you away from the stress of the day. Don't be a night owl tonight and give in to the night!

Your Pineal Gland

Deep in the recesses of your brain lies the pineal gland. If you were an Atlantic Salmon, sunlight or any artificial light would directly shine on your pineal gland to stimulate your daily feeding cycle. Since the human brain is protected by the bones of your skull, muscles, skin, and hair (well in most people anyway) the pineal gland is indirectly stimulated by simply closing your eyes at night.
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