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Mia Andrews

After Chernobyl

In Chernobyl there was a power plant that had a nuclear reactor that exploded on April 26, 1986. After the explosion Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia had a lot of radioactive micro-organisms about 3,280 feet high that were spread all over the place. Northern central Europe got most of the fallout blown into their area. With all of the big amounts of radioactive material around 30 people died within the first 3 months. After the accident lots of the contaminated fields were grazed by cows that have radioactive iodine in their milk.

Central Asia Landscape

Siberia's climate is bothered by large amounts of methane gasses. One of the places best for grazing is the semiarid and arid areas on the land. In 1960 the Aral Sea was the 4th largest lake in the world. Many of the insects and weeds were killed by pesticides. After everything got damaged and started to go away in 2005 Kazakhastan built a big dam to save some water in the Aral Sea.

Trans- Siberian railroad

The railroad crosses eight time zones and is spanning at about 6,000 miles. The terrain made it hard to make the railroad. Some of the things workers had to work against was permafrost, mountains, forests, and lakes. Lots of random people were enlisted to help build the railroad. The worlds longest railroad is the Trans- Siberian railroad.
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