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Bear Branch Junior High Library Newsletter

February 2021

We all thought 2020 would never end! January 2021 seemed to drag on forever. But it is now the time of year where I feel like the months fly by and before we know it, summer break will be here. I have a senior in high school that will be graduating in May and I am trying to spend as much time with my family soaking up all the memories I can before he sets off on his new adventures. Speaking of adventures, have you checked out the new titles in our Adventure section of the library? I have listed a few below that you may want to read.

-Mrs. Harper

ADVENTURES in Reading!

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Quote of the Week

"Keep reading, it's one of the most marvelous ADVENTURES that anyone can have." Lloyd Alexander

Library Info!

  • The library is open Monday - Friday from 7:15am - 2:20pm.

  • Students may check out three books at a time for three weeks.

  • The date due is stamped in the back of the book.

  • Books that are not on hold for another student can be renewed for two more weeks.

Tech Tip

Make it a habit to clean up your chromebook or laptop by running updates and clearing cached images and files on a regular basis. This will keep your devices in top shape and performing at their best. The link below will show you how.

Fascinating Facts about Libraries

According to Reader's Digest...At the Rococo Library in Portugal’s Mafra National Palace, a colony of bats is allowed to reside in the library to eat the book-damaging bugs. During the day the bats sleep behind the elaborate book cases, only emerging at night when the library is closed to hoover up all the pesky insects. Every morning before the library opens, the cleaners must sweep up the scat they drop, a small price to pay to preserve the collection.

(The first 10 students that come in and let me know that you read this fascinating fact gets a sweet treat!)

February Reminders :)

  • Run updates on your chromebook.
  • Make sure to move your body and drink lots of water
  • Turn off or put down your phone and go for a 20 minute walk.
  • Send a friend an uplifting note or text on Valentine's Day!
  • Renew your books!
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Mrs. Harper

Mrs. Harper is the librarian at BBJH. This is her 3rd year in the library and her 20th year in education. She has taught science, ELA and was an academic advisor at The University of Tulsa. Mrs. Harper is originally from Oklahoma where she graduated from Oklahoma City University. She graduated with her Master's in Library Science from Sam Houston State University in August 2020. Her family includes her husband, Joe, her two teenagers Grady and Whitney, and her three furry canines, Gus, Chief and Maggie. Mrs. Harper loves to watch sports, listen to music, read books and travel.

Mrs. Harper is Currently Reading...

I am on an Audible kick right now- I finished listening to Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah. It was recommended to me by a friend and I don't think I've cried that much in a book. It was long- 17+ hours but such a good story. There were a couple of parts that seemed to be a little slow and I found myself frustrated with a couple of the characters and their internal struggles, however, the beautiful story of friendship was incredible and heartbreaking. I am now listening to the second book- Fly Away- also by Kristin Hannah.