Warriors: Bluestar's Prophecy

By Erin Hunter

There are 516 pages in this book.
The story is being told in 1st person.

Catch Phrase

There is a different world from which we live in, a world of cats, a world of danger and battle, a world of survival.


Bluekit, an adventurous kit, is born in ThunderClan. ThunderClan is one of the four Clans living in the forest. The other clans are WindClan, RiverClan, and ShadowClan. Bluekit and her sister Snowkit soon become apprentices and take the names of Bluepaw and Snowpaw. WindClan is stealing prey from ThunderClan territory, and the medicinecat, Goosefeather, receives a sign from StarClan, the warrior ancestors of the cats, to attack WindClan. Bluepaw is taken to battle in which her mother, Moonflower, dies. Bluefur, now a warrior, soon becomes deputy of her Clan after Sunfall becomes Clan leader and takes on the name Sunstar. As time passes on, Snowfur dies chasing ShadowClan invaders out of ThunderClan territory, and Bluefur falls in love with Oakheart, the deputy of RiverClan. Bluefur has kits, but she decides to give her kits to their father's clan, RiverClan, in order to stay loyal to her own clan, ThunderClan. At last Bluefur becomes the Clan leader and can finally be a fire that will blaze through the forest just as Goosefeather had prophecied.


The theme of this is story is to never give up and to keep trying. Bluestar had a lot of difficulties along the way such as her mother and sister dying, but she never gave up and great things happened to her.

Applying the Theme

There is an endless amount of possibilities that can occur to you if you keep trying. I have always wanted to become a synchronized swimmer, but I haven't had the chance to completely embrace the prospect. One problem that I have encountered is the fact that I swim very slowly. I am practicing to swim faster without actual lessons. In other words, I am not giving up, and I am trying. I have started swimming a tiny bit faster and I become stronger, so good things have come out of my countless effort.
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