Discovery of Iron

Iron has been known and utilized since ancient times. In olden times, because iron is such a malleable element, it was used to make and meld tools and weapons. Its large abundance made it easily accessible to humans long ago and it continues to be readily available to humans today.

Picture of Iron

Iron Disulfide Pyrate
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Uses of Iron

Iron is one of the most commonly used elements in everyday life. It can be found in many objects we see everyday such as fences and railings. Iron is also commonly combined with other elements to make better and stronger forms of itself, such as steel. These iron alloys include everyday objects such as cutlery, cars, and railroads

Iron in Nature

Iron is found in nature but it is impossible to find the element in its completely natural sate because it is always being compounded with other elements, most commonly on earth with oxygen. To harvest iron, it is necessary to mine into the earth to find ores such as magnetite and hematite which partially contain the element. To purify these ores, they are melted, ridding them of their other element, oxygen, and carbon is then added to the heated substance and results in pure iron.

Video on Iron

Iron (version 1) - Periodic Table of Videos

More about Iron!

Fun Facts:

- It is the most abundant metal on earth and the 4th most abundant element over all

- Iron is so commonly used because it is the cheapest metal on earth

-Iron can be found in the stars and the sun

-It is found in the human body's blood hemoglobin which transports oxygen from the lungs

Iron is used everywhere in our lives!

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