Culture of China

By: Erin Plunkett

The Families Of China

The modern family of China has two generations while the traditional family has three generations. The grandparents are known for wisdom and have high respect from the children and their children. The grandfather has the most authority over all while the grandmother and great power and respected by all but she still spoils the kids.

Boys V.S. Girls

Traditionally the boys were valued way more valued than the girls were because the girls couldn't provide as much as the boys could for the family. For instance, the boys carry on the family name, add to family wealth, and can conduct ceremonies, while the girls leave the family to be with her husband.
Mulan Clip 4

The Pain Woman Went Through

In the past woman have told their stories about their pain they went through as a child. Foot binding in China was very popular 1800's and around the age of five your mother would begin to curl your feet to create a imitation of a beautiful flower. The girls would go through stages of binding to create this shape and to be put into tiny shoes. If your feet were bidden it meant you had strength and that you were a suitable wife. They also did the foot binding because if they ever tried to leave their husband they couldn't get very far.

The Protective Wall

Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China was built to be a defense system to keep out any foreign invaders that tried to attack China. The wall was built about 2,200 years ago and is 4,000 miles long. It is also known as one of the seven wonder of the world because it is huge and a bunch of slaves died while building the wall.

Terracotta Soldier Army

The soldiers were the first line of defense for China until the Great Wall was built. The army has about 6,000 soldiers, which are made out of Terracotta which is a very delicate type of brick. There are even horses, chariots, and bowman in the army and every person in the army has a detailed face and look like real humans. They were arranged in a army like formation and has more than two million visitors in the tombs.

The Dragon Tail

The Chinese believe that they are the"decedents of the dragon,"and they also think the dragon controls the floods in China. The emperor himself even believed that he was a real dragon and that they even wore dragon robes. The dragon comes in many colors and in many sizes, I mean look at Moo Shoo from Mulan. The people of China give the dragon a great deal of respect and soon became the symbol of the Nation. The dragon is known to have sharp claws, teeth,scales, and a type of horned reptile. Many people believe that the dragon are friendly but some are a mysterious evil.

Qin Shi Huang

The first emperor of China was Qin Shi Huang. He was enthroned when he was only at the age of thirteen and he was the son of the King of Qin State. During his era he accomplished many things such as the Great wall of China which was important for China and the Terracotta Warriors, which were made out of a clay that makes pots. He died while traveling and the new era was to be on the throne.

Farming China

China is the highest rank in the world when it comes to growing crops. The mostly grow rice, tomatoes, sorghum, peanuts, tea, millet, cotton, oil seed, barely, fish, and pork. 38.4 percent of China's work port is employed in farming.