The Value of Compassion

February Monthly SEL Newsletter

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Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve in the Name of Science!

Compassionate Mind, Health Body

To Understand Students, Use Compassionate Curiosity

Article Reflection

Think about a student who's behavior you're struggling with. This week, try using "compassionate curiosity."

We encourage you to shift your language from "what's wrong with you" to "what's going on with you." This shift from judgement to investigation invites students to open up and build trust with us.

Where Does Compassion Really Come From?

Video Reflection

Compassion is a direct result of paying attention. Think about your day and the people you've interacted with. What might you have missed? Who can you pay attention to today?

Infographic: Why Compassion Matters

Suggested Activity for Students

Encourage students to engage with the world around them in compassionate and empathetic ways.

17 Activities for Kids to Practice Kindness and Compassion

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Resources for Parents

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