Africa the Astounding

Africa's Physical Features

The Kalahari Desert

The Kalahari Desert is an arid plateau covered in red sand. it spans through three countries, covering one hundred thousand square miles. It is located between the Orange river and the Zambezi River. It is dotted with lots of dry lake beds. Grass only grows during rain seasons, when grazing and small-scale agriculture is possible.

The Kalahari is only a semi-desert. Go to the Kalahari to experience the wild adventures of a safari while also relaxing in the calm serenity of the plant-life. The kalahari is a large desert full of life and amazing opportunity. Adventure and explore in the great Kalahari!

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is located in northeast Tanzania, it is the highest mountain in Africa. It is actually an extinct volcano, it rises two peaks; Kibo (19,340 feet) and Mawenzi (17,564 feet). Coffee and plantains are raised in the lower southern slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Visiting Mount Kilimanjaro is an ideal choice because of the huge amount of history and work done there is at the mountain. Learn about how it used to be a volcano, and how it went extinct. Or, learn about the coffee made there as well as the plantations. There are so many things to learn and so many things to see.

The Atlas Mountains

The Atlas mountains are a system of ranges and plateaus in Northwest Africa. It covers 1500 miles from Southwest morocco (where they are the most rugged and where they are the highest) to Algeria to North Tunisia. They are separated by fertile lowlands. The ATlas mountains are a climatic barrier between the Mediterranean Basin and the Sahara Desert. The slopes facing north are well watered and have important farmlands and forests. The slopes facing south are generally covered in shrubbery. They have salt lakes and salt flats.

To visit the Atlas Mountains would be signing up for a fantastic adventure. The Atlas Mountains are rich in minerals, especially phosphates, coal, iron and oil. This is an amazing chance to learn about earth's different minerals! The Atlas mountains are a perfect place to adventure, learn and explore!

The Great Rift Valley

The Great Rift Valley is located on a fault line that extends from central Mozambique to Northern Syria. It ranges in ELevation from 1300 feet below sea level at the Dead Sea to 6000 feet above sea level in Southern Kenya. Erosion has leveled out much of the valley but cliffs can reach a thousand feet high in some sections, especially Kenya.

Visiting the Great Rift valley holds promising chances at learning about Earth's shifting plates and how the rift valley was formed. You can travel along one of the Earth's fault line! Visit the different elevations to see just how unique the valley is in its varying rages of elevation. Visit Kenya while you are at it! This is a chance that you can not miss! Visit the Great Rift Valley!