Lago Vista Middle School

October 14th

CAPTURE THE MOMENT: Wonder, Discovery, & Exploration

Upcoming Events...

Monday, October 17th -- District Cross Country Meet @ Comfort

Wednesday, October 19th -- Volleyball @ Johnson City (away)

Thursday, October 20th -- Football @ Randolph (away)

Saturday, October 22nd -- District Volleyball Tournament

Tuesday, October 25th -- 8th grade PSAT

Thursday, October 27th -- Picture Retakes!!!

Thursday, October 27th -- Pep Rally @ 9:00

Thursday, October 27th -- Football vs. Marion (home)

Friday, October 28th -- Early Release

Thursday, November 3rd -- Football @ Luling (away)

6th grade Port Aransas Trip scheduled for October 25th-28th!


Attendance this week: 96%


Please go into TxConnect to update your information before report cards are mailed home at the end of the nine weeks.

Counselor's Couch...

PSAT for 8th Grade

Lago Vista Middle School 8th grade students will take the PSAT on Tuesday, October 25th.
This nationally recognized test assesses reading, math and writing skills; provides practice for the SAT; and connects students to scholarships and personalized online tools.

Taking the PSAT helps ensure that all of our students are making progress toward being college ready and give students access to personalized online tools for college preparation. The results of the PSAT will also be used to help guide 8th graders as they make schedule choices for high school in the spring.

Students can prepare for the test at:

If you have questions about the PSAT at LVMS contact


Respect is “treating others with honor and dignity.”

Everyone has worth and dignity as a human being, whether they are young or old, rich or poor, male or female, or any other difference. This is why you should treat all people with honor, dignity, and courtesy.

You show respect in many ways. For example:

--When someone is talking, you show respect by being attentive.

--When you receive a gift, you show respect by saying “thank you.”

--At work or at home, you show respect to those counting on you by being responsible, diligent, and thorough.

Self-respect means you recognize your own worth as a human being and avoid anything that will damage your mind, body, or integrity.
This means you do your best no matter who is watching—because what you do reveals who you are.

Respect does not mean you have to like everyone, and others might not treat you as they should. But even when you disagree with others or have to part ways, you can still treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve.


--Value others

--Respect differences

--Use good manners

--Not bully, harass, or manipulate Others

--Treat people the way I want to be treated

One Act Play Takes Shape...

LVMS One Act Play Team will be performing Don Quinn's version of C.S. Lewis' play "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" in December for the annual UIL contest.

The following students have been cast in this year's production and will begin rehearsals next week:

The Professor: Trevor Alwell

Peter: Hailey Clifton

Edmund: Kaylee Gaines

Susan: Zoe Wright

Lucy: Reese Raley

Tumnus: Mady Shepard

White Witch: Grace Coldicott

Dwarf: Nicholas Philmon

Mr. Beaver: Lance Shook

Mrs. Beaver: Lilly Warren

Fenris Ulf: Leah Joslin

Father Christmas: Diego D'Lorm

Aslan: Katelyn Coldicott

Mrs. Macready: Leah Coldicott

Next week decisions on the 5 members of our crew will be finalized and announced.

PTO School is selling Halloween Grams this Month

Students may purchase a:

  • Fang Pen Gram
  • Syringe Pen Gram
  • or a light-up Pumpkin Puffer Ball
for $2 in the school store on Thursdays this month.

Students may send grams to their friends, teachers or have keep the scary pens for themselves. :) Boo!

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Cross Country (Coach Karg)

Our cross country team has one VERY important race left! We will compete for a district XC title on October 17th in Comfort.

Volleyball (Coach Holt & Coach Moeller)

7th grade (Coach Holt)

The Lady Viking volleyball team had a busy week in non district play! They travelled to Marble Falls over the weekend and competed in a tournament with some of the area's best 6A competition! They took on Marble Falls, Lake Travis and Fredericksburg in a round robin set up. Our girls played hard and competed well, and came away with a stronger skill set and greater court awareness! They fell short of a W in the win column, but the experience will serve them well as they get ready to compete in the upcoming district tournament.

On Thursday Night 6A rival Hudson Bend came to play ball here on our home court. The girls again played hard and competed well and the experience was valuable although we lost in two matches. Cailey Nuckolls led the B team with 6 six serves. Preslie Havins added 4 serves, and Kate Burke, Brooke Bradburry, Lola Spedale and Bella Zaleski each added 3! What a solid team effort, great job girls!

The 7th grade B team completed their season with a 2-2 district record and 2-6 overall. I am so proud of these girls and the leaps and bounds they made this season! Each and every girl made improvements in serving, passing, setting and hitting! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for these young volleyball players.

The 7th grade A team started the night slow, but turned on the fire and made it a fight! They figured it out just a little too late and could not dig themselves out of the hole, but they had fun trying! Stats are currently unavailable but I will say that the experience will serve them well as we only have one more game and then the district tournament, where we are currently seeded first! Come out and watch these girls next Saturday here at the LVHS high school gym!

8th grade (Coach Moeller)

Lago Vista Lady Vikings hosted 4A Hudson Bend last night in a non-district match up. The scoreboard really doesn't accurately represent how well our Lady Vikings played against these seasoned teams. It was rewarding to see the ladies forced to eliminate mistakes and rise to the challenge of playing such an experienced team.

The 8th grade Blue team played 2 hard sets against Hudson Bend. They got off to a quick start and had us pinned in the single digits as they approached 20 points. Leah Coldicott took us on a 4 point rally to give us a little momentum into the double digits. The Vikings finished the set strong, recovering from a slow start and eliminating mistakes that were made early on. Dasha Gildon got settled after a few bad passes, and completed 9 good passes in a row. Heather Power completed her first perfect serve during a game! Successes like this are what shined during this match up, no matter what the scoreboard says. We had a hard time breaking and passing their serve, so the set ended 25-11. In the 2nd set, we cleaned up the mistakes even more and stuck with Hudson Bend point for point for the first half of the set. The Lady Vikings had some great offensive sets from Cali Navarro and Leah Coldicott to set up Heather Power, Josey Kannmacher, and Grace Coldicott for some good hits at the net. Hudson Bend start to pull away, but the Blue team kept their cool, played their game, and did their best. The set ended 25-14.

Leading Stats for the night:

Serves: Leah Coldicott 9 serves, Cali Navarro 5 serves

Passing: Cali Navarro 14 passes, Leah Coldicott 12 passes, Dasha Gildon and Avery Nichols 9 passes each

Hits: Josey Kannmacher and Heather Power 1 hit each

The 8th grade Gold team also faced a tough night. They didn't let it show though, making Hudson Bend really earn almost every point they got. Hudson Bend is a team full of hitters, but our newly practiced hit coverage stole the night. The Lady Vikings were getting to balls that were hit hard and fast, and were passing them well. At one point during the first set, we had a volley that got hit back and forth about 12 times. It was an impressive and intense battle of digs, passes, sets, and hits. The new hit coverage also led to 2 blocks by Haylee Horn and 1 block from Jade Press and Aryana Wallace. Our setters, Savanna Wolff and Esther Long, fought hard to get to 2nd balls and set up some beautiful kill opportunities for our hitters. The hustle and determination on the floor was impressive and left every single person on the team feeling like the night was a success, despite the scoreboard. Missed serves hurt us all night, leaving the majority of game control in Hudson Bend's hands. The Lago Vista Lady Vikings lost in 2 sets, 25-15, 24-13.

Leading Stats for the night:

Serves: Esther Long 5 serves, Haylee Horn 4 serves

Passing: Haylee Horn 18 passes, Esther Long 15 passes, Payton Marszal 10 passes

Setting: Savanna Wolff 11 sets

Hits: Haylee Horn 8 hits, 1 kill, Schuyler Burke 6 hits, Aryana Wallace and Jade Press both with 2 hits

Blocks: Haylee Horn 2 blocks, Aryana Wallace and Jade Press shared 1 block

The 8th grade Gold team has been peaking on the back half of this season, and plan to keep climbing by taking back a win in Johnson City's house next Wednesday. We will follow that with our best performance of the year at the district tournament at Lago Vista HS next Saturday the 22nd.

Football (Coach Fowler, Coach Rague, Coach Rogers, & Coach Tomlin)

LV kickoff starts the game with Ingram. The Vikings began with an attack from Nathan McKee as he sacked the QB. Cheyene Leblanc the took down the RB for a loss and the Warriors then threw an incomplete pass. LV received the short punt. The Vikings from their own 45yd line had RB Logan Parsons rush 10 yds, then QB Hunter Phillips rushed for 1 yd. This was followed by a Phillips pass to Hayden Chapman for 20yds & after an incomplete pass to Chapman, Parsons runs for a 25yd TD. The 2pt pass from Phillips to Mickey D’Ambrose was good. Jordan Johnston, McKee & Dax Lawhon had good blocks on the drive. LV - 8 & Ingram – 0.

The Warriors returned the LV kickoff down to the Viking 23yd line. The Vikings had Parsons & McKee make big stops on 1st & 2nd down, then Parsons fell on the Ingram fumble to give the ball back to LV. Phillips throws to Chapman for 5yds and then Parsons rushes left and makes 3 Warriors miss tackles and then reverses his field for a 34yd run. Phillips, Croxton, Johnston & Wyatt Forbes had good blocks on the play. Phillips throws to D’Ambrose on 1st down for a 6 yd gain. Phillips then keeps left for a 16yd run down the Warrior sideline. Shepard then runs up the middle for 2yds, Phillips throw for 3 yds to Chapman & on 3rd down Phillips options to Parsons for a 14yd TD. D’Ambrose had the BIG KNOCKDOWN block on the TD run. The 2 pt. pass form Phillips to Bryce Jackson was good. LV – 16 & Ingram – 0. After the LV kickoff the Vikings hold Ingram to a 4th down punt. As the punt settles to the ground none of the Warrior’s go to down it, so Hayden ‘sneaky’ Hardy scoops-it-upa dn runs 12yds for the return into Ingram territory. Jeremy Hill on LV’s next play is tackled for a 9yd loss but makes it back-up on 2nd down with a nice 10 yd. rush. Phillips has to jump-in for Hill after the play and after 3rd the Vikings go for it on 4th down to come-up short. The Warriors take over, but after 3 plays they throw on 4th down to only be intercepted by D’Ambrose. On the first play with the clock winding down, Parsons takes the Hill handoff for 75yds and a Viking TD. The 2pt. run by Hill was no good. LV – 22 & Ingram – 0. Halftime

The Vikings receive the 2nd half kickoff & Chapman returns the ball 32yds into Warrior field. Key blocks were from Parson, Croxton & McKee. On 1st down Parsons runs up the middle for 8yds. On 2nd down, Hill keeps if right for a 10yd gain. On 3rd down Parsons creases the left side of the Ingram defense and picks-up a block from Arthur Munoz for an 18yd TD run down their sideline. The 2pt p rush by Parsons was good. LV – 30 & Ingram – 0. Ingram’s next possession had Jackson, Jaden Hester, Cody Yielding & Tony Reyes making tackles. The Vikings rec. the punt & then on 1st down Phillips makes a firm pitch to Shepard for 2 yds. On 2nd down, Phillips scrambles & connects on a 7yd throw with Gavin Hester. Phillips then pitches to Shepard for a 6yd rush to end the 3rd Qtr. LV – 30 & Ingram – 0.

After a Viking holding call on 3rd down, the Warriors helped out on with a facemask on 4th down to give the Vikings a 1st down. The Vikings just couldn’t get it going and punted to Ingram. The Warriors moved the ball on the 1st two plays and them Phillips saved a TD run. ON 1st down, Mathew Cannon wrapped-up the running back fro 1 yd, Then Cannon & Jackson Humke combined for the stop on the QB. On the last play of the game for the Warriors, Jaden Hester wrestled down the RB for no gain. Lago Vista – 30 & Ingram – 0. The 7th grade Vikings are 4-1 on the season and 2-0 in District. They play at S.A. Randolph Oct. 20th.

8th grade

The Lago Vista 8th grade team enjoyed their second victory in district play against Ingram Tom Moore on Thursday. It was a hard-fought game till the very end in the fourth quarter, when Lago Vista came out on top. We opened the first quarter with a drive down the field and a touchdown thrown by Josh Alexander to Noah Hernandez. The two point conversion was good by Layne Powers. The last three scores of the game were by Lane Powers on some very difficult and tough runs. The defense was led by our defensive tackles and ends. Our linebacking core Josh Alexander, Luke pounds, David Rague, and Noah Yetley were flying around the field all night. In the fourth quarter down by two we make a stop on 4th and goal on the 3-yard line. After we held them with 2 minutes left in the game we drove down the field 95 yards and scored the winning touchdown. Noah Hernandez had two interceptions on the on the night and Blaze Seeley sealed the game with the interception. Congratulation 8th grade on a second district win, everyone on the team played their part and we came out of victorious.

The LVMS Cheerleaders and LVHS Cheerleaders performed together at the HS pep rally.

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Can't make it to the Varsity football games....

Not a problem. We would like to announce the Viking Sports Network, powered by KMAC Sports. Every football game will be broadcast live on the Internet, and we will be broadcasting other sports as well throughout the year. To tune into the broadcasts, go to this website address:

You can listen to the live stream with announcers Eric Holt and Paul Thailing.

Follow us on Twitter @ LVVikingSports

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Dress Code Reminders...

Student dress is largely a matter of personal judgment and taste. Clothing should conform to reasonable standards of modesty, cleanliness, good taste, and safety. Student dress will be considered acceptable if it does not violate the following principles:

1. Articles of clothing must not cause a distraction nor be a health or safety hazard.

2. Student appearance must not interfere with the instructional program.

3. Hair style must be: A. Clean and well groomed and out of the eyes. B. Any desired length that does not interfere with safety. C. Only natural colored hair is permissible. (For example, blonde, brown, black, and red) NO COLORED HAIR!

Specific standards of dress are as follows:

1. Dresses and non-uniform clothing must be of sufficient length to allow for performing normal school functions without immodest exposure. All outer garments (skirts, shorts, dresses, shirts worn over tights, etc.) are required to be no shorter than six inches above the back of the knee. Spandex shorts, tights, and leggings are NOT allowed. They may be worn under an outer garment that meets the six inches policy. Undergarments must not be visible. Garters and garter belts are considered undergarments.

2. Modesty will prevail. No low cut tops. See-through/sheer material is ONLY permitted worn over an article of clothing that is dress code compliant. Clothing that is torn, or with holes placed above fingertip length is prohibited. Pants, skirts, and/or shorts must cover all skin above the fingertip length.

3. Halter tops, low cut tops, and other similar clothing which reveals bare midriffs, bare backs, and low cut fronts may not be worn.

4. No pajamas, sleepwear, or house slippers of any kind (except for designated days such as theme or character days, etc.)

The complete dress code can be found on the campus website.

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