Marcus Matters

March 22, 2016

Marcus Family

As I looked at this school when I entered, I feel that there needed to be a closer family minded environment. I felt that I could help create the necessary closeness that would make this school even more successful. There is no doubt that Marcus was successful prior to me arriving. Marcus had a great staff and was rich in tradition. I felt, however, that it was divided by departments and organizations. I am sure you are saying, "duh" it is a high school made of many departments and organizations. I meant to say a place where all people and all groups supported each other. There were times that I didn't feel that was happening. Since my first year, I have learned so many things about the complexity of a high school. I have learned so much about all of you as a staff. You all have helped me grow as a principal and as a colleague. You have always been a family. I have witnessed the amount of support you have given each other both academically and personally. Over these past eight years, we have had to deal with many difficult and tragic situations with our staff and family members of our staff such as illnesses, deaths, financial concerns, and other personal difficulties. You always have stepped up for those who were in need. We have stepped up to help others through raising funds, visiting them at the hospital, sending meals home to their families, standing by them at funerals, and simply being there when they needed you to listen. There have been great times as well where it is always special to have your family along to celebrate such as cheering in the stands, supporting them with additional tutoring to help students to achieve academically, or recognizing each other privately when you have done something special. I have recently realized that I was trying to create something that had always been there. It may not have been easily seen by me, but it was always there and provided when needed. Marcus is a family that will always come together when sympathy is needed and when celebration is evident. Thank you for being a part of this family whether you are the distant cousin, the hovering mother, or the stand by me sibling. Thank you for making this a great place to work for all of us. We are family!

Midterm Exam Schedule

March 23 1st and 2nd Period Exams (normal school day)

March 24 3rd and 4th Period Exams (early release day)

3rd: 8:15am - 10:10am

4th: 10:20am - 12:15pm

Marcus staff will be released no earlier than 2:30pm

*Test Grades from midterms should not be entered till all 9 weeks grades are completed next week. We will still be taking grades the week after our midterms.