Technology Dependency

the negative affects on teens

Imagine a world where we only communicated through text or social media sites...

This may be the future of mankind, and it may be closer than we think.

Texting and Driving

-In 5 seconds, you will have traveled the length of a football field (55mph).
-In 2011, 1.3 million car crashes were caused by texting while driving.
-Texting makes crashing 23 times more likely.

There is no way to justify it. Just because the phone is closer to the windshield or you follow farther behind, it is still a hazard.

The Addiction to Social Media and Texting

-The inability to cease social media use

Symptoms include:

  • Change in mood or behavior
  • Continuous loss of sleep
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Short attention span
  • Higher stress levels
  • Lack of interest in school or extra curricular activities

The Lacking Skill of Face-to-Face Communication

Texting and connecting through social media sites are fast and easy. but it causes:
  • A lack of emotion in communication
  • Misunderstandings
  • Social Anxiety
  • Shyness
  • A lack of mental stimulation

Studies have shown:

  • 33% of teens prefer texting to face-to-face communication
  • 7% prefer talking over social media sites

Communication is more than just the words.

People pick up on nonverbal gestures that help them to completely understand what you're saying. Through texting this is lost.

All it takes is a simple push of a button.

Turn off your phones to save lives, preserve mental health, and to enhance your communication skills in social situations.