The Turkey Games

May the odds be ever in your favor!

The Rules

Welcome to the Turkey Games! You will be competing for badges. Each badge, once earned, will be placed on the front of your journal, to be displayed for all to see! If you complete and earn ALL badges, you will receive the TURKEY! All turkey winners will receive an ice cream on Friday.


  • 1 Stepper-Able to solve all one step equations online or on worksheet, correctly.
  • Graph-it-all-Correctly graphed the points on the coordinate grid for Activity 25
  • Just the Facts-Completed 2 rounds with fact flashcards
  • NSpired-Completed 2 TI-Nspired lessons on using the calculator
  • Doodles-Correctly solved the order of operations problems on the google form
  • Gamer-You must play 4 different games from either: Hooda Math, Review GameZone, or the Pacman game on my website
  • Webster-Create a SMORE or google doc with a vocabulary word (approved by Mrs. Nelle) and send me the link.
  • Game Maker-Create your own game on or review gamezone
  • DONE-THE TURKEY is DONE! You received all 9 badges!