Wool Stories

a new history at the Botto woollen mill

Reactivate the heart, body and mind

Wool Stories was a festival that was held the 8th and 9th of june 2013 in Miagliano in the Fratelli Botto’s woolen mill, which closed many years ago. It wasn’t just an event, it was the beginning of a cultural programme. It’s roots are in the mill and in it’s people.

Memories to reactivate the heart. Reactivating the heart to gain the courage to start again.

Towards a different aspect, that has it’s roots in wool and in textiles and a new leaf in the digital era, the green valleys, interested visitors, the work culture and a new feeling of community. Not to be afraid of the crisis, but to be knowing.

Storie Di Lana 8 9 Giugno 2013

A presentation of stories and of wool.

Wool Stories has immediately presented it’s artistic matrix, with a show in the raw wool warehouse, which became Sensoria, an intense zone where the masses of wool gave sensorial solidity to the words.

Conducted by Manuela Tamietti (Stories of Piazza) the show centred around the stories of the ex factory workers, of various generations and roles.

Artists such as Simona Colonna (violincello), Raffaella Antoniotti (diatonic organ) , the voices of Oliviero Cappellini and Erika Borroz and the comical vibrancy of I Nuovi Camminanti created the theme that sustained the emotions of the promoters, called upon to explain their own vision. Theatrical intermissions of works that were presented for the first time on Sunday (of which Antonia Pozzi and Burattinesque) were the base for an event of meaning and engagement.

And finally, the story returned to the creativity of textile products, represented by biellese companies such as Camisa ‘d Campiun, FilRus e The Wool Box, assembled on exhilarant models, that fueled the emotions of the public.





A path of memories

This is the title which was suggested for the words of the ex workers and directors who, after many years, returned to the factory. Manuele Cecconello and Maurizio Pellegrini were ready to collect their emotions that were blossoming and they represented them in an initial brief version, intense in its sense and images. The heart of Wool Stories, the interviews associated personal experiences and places, repopulating the spaces with sounds, facts, loves and work. Dedicated to the people who lived the factory with the knowledge to have participated in a creative story.

Video: 28''

M.Cecconello: http://filmprospettivanevskij.blogspot.it/

M. Pellegrini http://www.videoastolfo.com/

Camminare tra i ricordi



Beatrice (Beatours) e Nigel (Biella The Wool Company) were the animators of the mill visit, accompanying 2 groups in the spaces and in the stories. It will be possible to repeat the visit during future events and at other times by appointment.


WOOL CAFE', a serious chat

Reflection in a friendy atmosphere, with a coffee and wishing to exchange ideas on the future and to participate in it. This first presentation of Wool café was a trial, with a the promise to meet up again, in the Fratelli Botto’s mill or in other places of work or culture. To activate, networking, knowledge, to develop ideas.

Wool Cafè was opened by Francesca Conti and Lorenzo Canova from Acta, an association dedicated to culture, tourism and the environment. Backing was provided by the voice of Oliviero Cappellini and the music of Harpist Elena Straudi. Cushions and chairs were recycled for use by Ecru Atelier.


LANAPARK (Wool park) – activity, learning, fun

Understanding by action, by observing, and by having fun. This is the meaning of Lana Park, the fun park created around wool in the weaving department of the mill.

SENSORIA: touch, hear, understand

For 2 days the raw wool warehouse (greasy is the word used by experts) became Sensora, where you could see, touch and breathe in the wool. It’s the heart of Biella The Wool Company, a Non profit consortium that receives wool from small farmers, that undergoes selection and is then sold to the textile industry, reintegrating the farmers income. Carmine knows everything about wool, and he offers his experience with pleasure, he has the passion for wool.


The workers meal

Ideas of Lorenzo Canova, Giovanni Lozia and Piero Bruna, together with the help of the Miagliano local association, the workers meal reproposed traditionally poor biellese dishes, from the necessity of not throwing anything away. The same that is the backbone of Wool Stories, on the path of mamories, of materials, of the creativity and cohesion of a community.

The Wool Race

Sunday morning 9th june, was held the first edition of the Wool race. 14 teams along a route that symbolically followed the workers paths, carrying a bale of 20kg of greasy wool. Menabrea beer, the races sponsor, added some local identity to the event and much “allegria”

Idea of Nigel Thompson (BTWC) with the great creativity of the Miagliano Association Proloco, with the assistance end experience of Alessandro Zappa.



storie di lana retebiella

The Friends of Wool Committee

As of 1/6/2013 the Friends of wool has become a Committee for the people. Who is interested in participating in the development of it’s objectives, with a collaborative and propositive spirit, is very welcome. Write to us and we will be in touch!

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Storie di Lana is a concept of:

Nigel Thompson e Carmine De Luca (Biella The Wool Company)

Manuela Tamietti e Franco Grosso (Storie di Piazza)

Lorenzo Canova e Francesca Conti (ACTA)

Coordination of event: Nigel Thompson, Francesca Conti, Manuela Tamietti

Communication: Francesco Rossetti, Mauro Vinetti, Francesca Conti, Franco Grosso

Artistic coordination: Manuela Tamietti

Coordination of settings and exhibilitions: Francesca Conti

Coordination of interviews: Lorenzo Canova, Riccardo Vinetti

On field coordination: Mauro Vinetti

Coordinamento of Wool Race: Pro Loco Miagliano, Alessandro Zappa

Catering: Pro Loco Miagliano

Visitors management: Proloco di Miagliano

Art poster: Gastone Cecconello

Video: Maurizio Pellegrini, Manuele Cecconello, Luca Pastore

Photography: Andrea Taglier

Reporter: Domenico Sarleti

Historical research: Roberto Pozzi, Massimo Buratti, Giorgio Lozia

Dissemination: Beatrice Ramella Pezza

Actors: Nuovi Camminanti (Anna Bruni, Carlo Cantone, Massimo Negro) Storie di Piazza (Oliviero Cappellini, Erica Borroz, Selene Villani, Roberta Correale, Martina Pillepich)

Musicians: Raffalele Antoniotti, Simona Colonna, Elena Straudi, Campi di tempo, Luca Boggio

Costume designer: Laura Rossi

Sound Technicians: Ted Consoli, Marco Roccati

Lights and phonic: Massimo Ariatta, Maurizio Grosso, Number One, Teatro ODS

Tailor: Anna Maria Viaro

Logistic: Franco Zampollo

Facilities: Pro loco Tollegno, Pro loco Ternengo

Security: Ettore Ghielmetti, Leonardo Andrian

Wool Cafè: Francesca Conti, Lorenzo Canova

Workshop: Simona Olivieri, Laura Rossi, Franco Grosso, Wool Box

Crossword puzzle: Francesco Rossetti

bags of Storie di Lana: Isabella Pisca, Domenica Canova


FilRus, Luciano Rossi

Wool Box, Emilio Langhi e Linda Allegra

Associazione Gaia: Matteo Negro, Luisa Bricarello, Federica Bertoni

Piccola Fata: Pierangelo Costa

Camisa d' Campiun: Maurizio Grosso e Alexandr Platon

Festa della Lana di Ternengo: Maurizio Alfisi

Ex Asilo Ferrua: Umberto Biasetti, Roberta Varoli, Marinella Bianco

Centro Rete Archivi tessile e moda: Mariangela De Chirico

Associazione Marajà


Cassa di Risparmio di Biella

Biblioteca Città Studi

Ecomuseo Valle d'Elvo

Giuseppe, Roberto e Pier Vittorio Balbo

Thanks for the active participations and symphaty:

Roberto Ramella Pezza, Gisella Ghioni, Anna Pedroncelli, Tiziana La Pila, Patrizia Pappalardo, Domenico Sarleti, Elena Viani, Gilberto Pozzallo, Franco Borlo, Diego Siragusa, Donata Cerruti, Giulia Chiaberge, Alessandro Mognaz, Gennaro Albanese, Marina Grosso, Enrico Bernardi, Nicola Olla, Désirée Bruna, Giuseppe Canova, Fulvio Sella, Antonio Canova, Stefano Moro, Marco Tiboldo, Carla Lovati, Maria Laddaga, Manuela Pozza, Giuseppe Vinetti, Piero Bruna, Riccardo Comotto, Paola Bacchi, Maria Laura Del Piano, Marco Bertazzoli, Francesca Bertagnolio, Raffaela Salmasi, Daniele Bergantin, Pamela Grosso, Denis Grosso, Sante Laconi, Carletto Barbieri, Giovanni Vachino.