Russian Revolution

Effects on people


The Russian revolution of 1917-1918 happened due to the extreme number of poverty that increased in cities and in farm work also the injustice done by the government. In the article Causes of the Russian Revolution, Robert Wilde states, " By the turn of the nineteenth to twentieth centuries, millions were in these tightly packed and expanding urban areas, experiencing problems like poor and cramped housing, bad wages, and a lack of rights in their jobs"(Wilde). This problem increased during WWI due to lack of leadership of Nicholas II. The February revolution and the October were the big events that changed the government, rights and poverty of Russia. February revolution was when Nicholas II was forced to resign and new governments were forming. October revolution happened next and it was when Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was fighting for power in the Bolshevik government.

What were some after affects of the Russian revolution?

After the Russian revolution, there was still people who were against Lenin being head of Russia so they wanted to take him off his power. Lenin wasn't going to let anti-Bolshevik groups take him off his power so both groups ended up fighting thus the Civil war begun. Lenin and his communist party were known as the Reds and the other anti-Bolshevik groups (Nationalist and many more) were known as the Whites. The war lasted four years until Lenin won the war and renamed the Bolshevik soviet to the Soviet Union.


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