The Doctor's Dilemma

By: George Bernard Shaw

Harley Street doctor, Sir Colenso Ridgeon’s has a tuberculosis treatment that remains experimental and his resources are restricted to ten selected patients. The arrival of the beautiful and persuasive Jennifer Dubedat, desperate to save the life of her husband, prompts Ridgeon to invite the young couple to a dinner where he and his colleagues assess the merits of the case. Impressed by the charismatic Dubedat and his lovely wife, they think that his life is worth saving, even at the expense of another. Yet no sooner are the medics congratulating themselves in their decision, than they are confronted by Dubedat’s questionable morality. Meanwhile, their colleague Blenkinsop, the most worthy but least exceptional of the them, reveals himself in need of treatment. Extremely funny and entertaining, Bernard Shaw’s The Doctor’s Dilemma is a show you don't want to miss.

George Bernard Shaw

Author of the Doctors's Dilemma

July 26, 1856-November 2, 1950

THE DOCTOR'S DILEMMA (1958) excerpt [Eng sndtrk]

By: Mya Geth