Comfort Express, Inc.

Luxury Bus Charters and Transportation Services

Traveling is a major part of one's daily or weekly routine. You travel to the office on your car or via public transport. If you must travel in groups or in a friendly way, buses undoubtedly the best option. Whenever you need to rent a bus services, Comfort Express, Inc is one of the finest Charter Bus Companies in NYC. We are a professional company offer comprehensive services of Charter Bus Rental according to the needs of our clients.

Comfort Express, Inc is a Charter Bus Company specializes in providing safe & comfortable Bus Transportation in NYC. Our company operates Luxury, executive transfers and occasional charter with comfort and safety. Our vehicles comply with a strict schedule of preventive maintenance, which are inspected by qualified mechanics. Also drivers participate in regular courses of qualification and retraining. We also offer tour bus services for Casino Bus Trip in NYC, our extensive vehicles equipped with air conditioning, may also have options such as support for the legs, TV / DVD, etc. The customer has the assurance that the vehicles are in good condition of maintenance and conservation.

Our aim is providing safety and reliability on our services. The nobility has always been associated with excellence. Rent a bus Real Express is always the best choice for those seeking quality. As a Tour bus company, offers a bus that you can safely use customers with peace of mind. For the tourist bus in your city, please contact us at to the bus association of each prefecture. We believe that every detail is important and that every effort is valid to offer our guests a comfortable and safe journey.