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December Newsletter

Special Events

This week and next we have some good, old-fashioned fun planned. Hopefully, you received the information about our gingerbread house project. Every child needs to bring $4.00 cash, a small baggie of candy, and a 9 x 12 or 9 x 9 piece of stiff cardboard covered in foil. We have been studying the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. He's our December Innovator. Anna brought in two Lego models - the Robie House and Falling Water. My current read aloud is the Wright 3 , a mystery about the Robie House in Chicago. Our gingerbread houses will be made of the Wright stuff. The morning of Dec. 18th. I have several volunteers. Thanks.

On the last day before break, Dec. 20, the students will be performing several short plays. Very informal. Practicing facing the audience (their classmates) and matching each other's volume. We do a big play at the end of the year. Fondly referred to as The Greek Play. Practicing the basics. I would love it if a parent could bring hot cocoa. Isabel has been very eager to share some Christmas cookies. Sounds like a nice Winter Break send off.

It's All About Multiplication

Chapter 4

We are solving the problems using mental math (break apart), creating visual models, the algorithm, and calculators. We are making visual models using equal groupings, arrays, place value models, and tape diagrams such as bar models and number lines. Every one is making great progress. The only glitch - slow recall of the facts. JiJi to the rescue. We have recently purchased (thanks to a PTO grant) ST Fluency. Every night, 10 minutes. Only 10 minutes. It's a great program. Maintenance of the facts they know and conceptual instruction and rate practice on the ones they don't. Thank goodness. Please be sure to follow up and make sure your child commits to this daily task.

Writing - The Persuasive Essay

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