Westing Game Theme Final Project

By: Sara LaMantia


One of the main themes of "The Westing Game" is people and things are not always as they appear, and that is the theme I will be using for this project. There are many quotes in "The Westing Game" that show how the theme develops and hints of what the theme is. Here are three examples (one from the beginning, from the middle, and from the end).


"Some are not who they say they are, and some are not who they seem to be." (Raskin,39).

This quote proves that Sam Westing himself said in his will that not everyone is who they say they are and who they seem to be. In the beginning of "The Westing Game," the author hints what the theme is inside of Sam Westing's will. Even though it seems that this quote is not important in the beginning, it will help some of the heirs that are playing the complicated game called the Westing game. At this point in the book, the theme is really developed well yet.

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"'So what? The woman was lonely and wanted some attention, so she did something about it. And quite creatively, too. This painted crutches are a touch of genius." (Raskin, 86).

One of the characters were lonely, so she faked a disease to get attention. She faked a leg disease of some sort, so she also had crutches. She painted the crutches bright colors to get even more attention. Not only that, but most of the time, the crutches matched her bright outfit. In the middle of the novel, the theme developed more than just a hint in Sam Westing's will. Now someone is actually not who they seem to be.

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"'I am a licensed private investigator.'" (Raskin, 161).

The character that said this was who you would least expect would be a private investigator. His disguise was a very cheerful person who was not very smart. This is one big example of people are not who they say they are or who they seem to be. By the end of the book, the theme developed even more. Now, we find out there is an actual private investigator, and he was definitely not what he appeared to be.

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The Theme is Universal

The theme "people and things are not always as they appear" is universal. This is because all around the world, there are people who are not who they say they are and aren't what they appear to be. There are also things that aren't as the appear, in fact some things look completely different to what they actually are. Regardless of culture and religion, anyone and anything can be disguised. This is a theme everyone around the world should know and understand.