Rick Riordan

A Biography By Abigail


Richard Russel Riordan was born on June 5th 1964 in San Antonio Texas. Rick's Parents; Rick Riordan Sr. and Lyn Belisles, divorced when Rick was just a child. Rick rarely got to see his father, for he spent most of his time teaching far away. Rick Riordan Sr. is a ceramicist, (makes stuff out of clay) and Lyn Belisles is a music teacher and an artist.

Childhood Influences

As a young boy, Rick loved Greek and Norse mythology, all because of his 8th grade teacher. She opened Rick's eyes into the world of mythology and helped him understand that he could be a writer. Because Rick loved mythology so much, the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy was perfect. Rick loved it! He read it 10 different times without loosing interest.


Rick Riordan attended Alamo Heights High School in San Antonio Texas and worked as an editor for the school newspaper and won 3rd place in the state competition for UIL future writing. Rick began collage at North Texas State because he thought he wanted to be a guitar player and later transferred to University of Texas in Austin. He graduated with a double major in English and History. Rick got certified to teach English and History at University of Texas at San Antonio, but decided to teach in the San Antonio Independent School district. When Rick was in collage, he worked for three years as the music director for the summer camp: Camp Capers. This Summer camp is where Rick got the idea for Camp Half-Blood in Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Rick's first full time job was teaching middle school in New Braunfels Texas. Once Rick was done teaching, he and his wife Becky moved to San Francisco where Rick taught at Presidio Hill Elementary School for 8 years and where they had their 2 sons; Haley and Patrick. Once the 8 years of teaching at Presidio Hill were up, Rick and his family moved back to San Antonio. Rick taught English and Social Studies at St. Mary's Hall for 6 years and then stopped teaching to become a full time writer.

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Rick Riordan lives with his wife Becky, his two sons Haley and Patrick, and his three pets: One Golden Labrador mix, and two black cats


In Rick's spare time he likes to read, swim, play guitar, travel with his family, and play video games with his kids.

Children's Books Rick Riordan Wrote

Percy Jackson and the Olympians *** The Heroes of Olympus ***

1) The Lightning Thief ****** *********1) The Lost Hero

2) The Sea of Monsters ****** ********2) The Son of Neptune

3) The Titans Curse ****** ***********3) The Mark of Athena

4) The Battle of the Labyrinth ********* 4) coming soon: The House of Hades

5) The last Olympian

39 Clues

The Maze of bones

Vespers Rising

The Black Book of Buried Secrets

Adult Books Rick Riordan Wrote

Big Red Tequila

Cold Springs

Rebel Island

The Widower's Two-Step

Last King Texas

Mission Road

Devil Went Down Austin

South Town


Rick Riordan is an amazing author and I will continue to enjoy his books. And if you haven't read his books yet, Get Reading!! :)