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February 11, 2022

Message from the Principal

Dear Westridge Community,

During the month of February we, along with the rest of the district, have the joy of celebrating Black History Month. At Westridge the celebration is both schoolwide and classroom specific. For example, during library, Mrs. Calbreath has been reading beautiful picture books by black authors that celebrate black lives, or give a historical perspective. In addition, I have offered to read aloud to each and every classroom to continue this learning throughout the month.

In first grade students are becoming empowered as they study children who made a difference during the civil rights movement. In fourth grade students are researching famous black Americans who have contributed so greatly to our society.

I am proud to be part of the Westridge community and the Lake Oswego School District for our commitment to celebrating and embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Black History Month is just one of the ways we exercise that commitment. Thank you for your partnership in this worthy endeavor.


Jules Laaperi



Save the Dates!

2/11- Semester 1 Report Cards post to ParentVue at 4pm (login information below)

2/17 - Early Release Thursday - 2 pm

2/21 - No School - Presidents Day

2/22- Restaurant Fundraiser at Fills! (Details below)

2/22-2/25 Kindness Spirit Week (Details Below)

2/24 - Early Release Thursday - 2 pm

2/28- Deadline for 5th grade fundraising orders (details below)

Fifth Grade Fundraiser:

The Fifth Grade classes are fundraising for our end of year celebration and we need your help! This year we are selling hand crafted and locally sourced artisanal baskets at a cost of $40 each. Sales will run through February 28th and all proceeds go towards the cost of our special Fifth Grade Celebration festivities such as: sneakaway field trip, t-shirts and swag bags, school gift, slideshow, and certificates of promotion, and celebration ceremony materials. This is a rite of passage for all Fifth Graders and we appreciate your support!

Ready to order? Click here: Fifth Grade Fundraiser Order Form. Payment is accepted via check or Venmo. Please be sure to indicate that your payment is for the Fifth Grade Celebration to ensure funds are allocated correctly.

Thank you so much for your support!

The Fifth Grade Classes

Kindness Spirit Week!

In celebration of our character trait of the month, please join us for Kindness Spirit Week!

Tuesday, February 22: Make a New Friend! Wear something that represents something you like. Find others who share your interest!

Wednesday, February 23: Dreaming of Kindness! Wear your pajamas!

Thursday, February 24: Hats off to Kindness! Wear a hat to school.

Friday, February 25: Wildcat Spirit Day: Wear your Westridge spirit wear or school colors!

Westridge Spelling Bee!

Congratulations to our Westridge Spelling and Vocabulary Bee Champion, 5th grader Mateo Davis! The Bee lasted 16 rounds with several tiebreakers between Mateo and Levi Duman, our second place speller. Mateo will move on to represent Westridge at the Regional Bee. The winning word was renal - of, relating to, or involving the kidneys.

Congratulations to all our Westridge spellers!

Gordon P.

August R.

Dylan D.

Emily M.

Levi D.

Mateo D.

Henry H.

Scott A.

Luca G.

Keiran D.

Niall O.

Lucas D.

Brendan W.

Big picture

Art Literacy Volunteers needed!

If you are interested in volunteering for Art Literacy this year, please email WestridgeArtLit@gmail.com (please include which classroom your child is in).

Reminders for Parents and Guardians:

  • Please do not park in the back parking lot at the end of the day. We have students leaving the building at this time and it is not safe to have cars pulling in and out of that area. This area is only for staff parking, so please keep that in mind.
  • Please have children bring a water bottle to school each day.
  • While we encourage children to get outside and play on the playground after school, we do require that children are supervised by an adult while on the field or on the school playground.
  • Please remain in your car during pick up and drop off in the car line. If you need to get out of your car for any reason, please park.

Volunteering at Westridge:

As per Dr. Schiele's message in the Current:

  • LOSD will begin welcoming volunteers into our schools during the school day starting Monday, Feb. 7. As originally planned, we will gradually welcome additional classroom volunteers and classroom needs are at the discretion of teachers.

In order to volunteer, please make sure you have the following on record with the school:

Have you ever wanted to work at Westridge?

We have a job opening for your consideration!

Temporary Educational Assistant - Medical Needs
6.5 hours per day for 186 days (pro-rated)
Hours: 8:00 am - 2:30 pm

Wage: $15.14 - $19.81/hour (depending on experience)
Location: Westridge Elementary School

Visit the LOSD Human Resources website here to view more details

Accessing your ParentVue Account:

Report cards will be uploaded to ParentVue by 4pm on Friday February 11th. In order to view ParentVue, you will need to have your login and password. If you were the parent that registered your child for school, you would have received an activation key at that time, then been prompted to create a login and password. If you were not the registering parent, you will need to contact the office at 503-534-2371 to get an activation key.

Activation keys do expire so if you need us to create a new one, please contact the office. If you do not remember your password, please go to the login page and click the "I am a parent" button, then click the "Forgot Password" link. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

For more information, please see the user guide here

Standards-Based District Report Card

The Lake Oswego School District uses a standards-based report card for students in elementary schools. This report card measures a child’s progress toward proficiency or mastery of the priority standards in Reading, Writing, Language, Speaking, and Math.

This approach provides the means for communicating a child’s learning in more specific terms. Standards-based reporting articulates clear end-of-year grade-level standards for each subject. Using the scale below, teachers will communicate where a child resides on a learning continuum by indicating the student’s progress toward mastery of each identified grade-level standard.

The standards-based reporting scale:

4: The student works consistently at an in-depth and complex level within or beyond the end of year standard*

3: The student meets the grade-level expectation of the standard

2: The student nearly meets the end of year standard

1: The student demonstrates limited proficiency on the end of year standard

Important notes about the scale:

● Reporting is based on the end-of-year grade-level expectation. Therefore, proficiency would not be expected in the middle of the school year.

● A “2” represents the expected target for the majority of the school year as this indicates the child is progressing with the standard as expected. A “3” will be given when the student completely meets the grade-level standard.

● Details of what is expected at mastery level can be found on the report card or on the list of assessed grade-level standards.

● A “1” may prompt additional communication from the classroom teacher so parents will better understand their child’s learning journey.

*It is rare that a child will receive a “4” especially at the end of the first semester. A “4” score may prompt additional communication from the classroom teacher to discuss ways he/she is meeting the child’s unique learning needs.

Behavior Learning Targets are approached differently than end-of-year standards. For more information about your child’s progress, please contact the classroom teacher.

Student Attendance:

If your child will be absent, please email your student's teacher and copy the office at murphya@loswego.k12.or.us. Please list the date your child will be absent and any illness symptoms.

If you need to pick your child up early from school, please let the teacher and the office know ahead of time.

Oregon State Assessment Opt-Out Form

Every year, Oregon students take assessments to meet federal requirements. The purpose of these assessments is to provide data that schools can use to ensure each and every child is on track and achieving learning goals.

State law requires us to inform you that a form is available from the State Department of Education that allows you to opt your child out of the math and English Language Arts assessments for the current school year. Should you wish to opt out your child, fill out the form and submit it to the main office at your child’s school. Please note the submission deadlines listed on the form. Meeting the deadline will help the school with planning and preparation. If you wish your child not to participate in the science assessment for grades 5, 8, and 11, submit this request in writing to the principal of your child's school.

If you have questions or want more information about state assessments, please contact your child’s principal or teacher(s).

Click here for opt-out form for Math and English Language Arts.


Parents-guardians who have concerns about a student’s well-being are encouraged to reach out to their principal, and to maintain strong lines of communication and partnership between students, families, staff, and other resources.

SafeOregon is also an effective way to report a tip regarding safety threats or potential acts of violence to our students or schools.


(Students should also be aware that intentionally providing a false report is a serious offense.)

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