The Lute,Violin,and the Guitar

By Sage Anne Pottbecker

What Are These Instruments?

The Lute can refer to any stringed instrument with having the strings running in plain parallel lines to the sound table.

The Violin also known as the fiddle is a string instrument usually with four strings tuned in perfect fifths.

A guitar is a popular musical instrument that makes sound by its six strings, by being picked at.

How all of the instruments are similar is that they all had the same bridge that made the vibration that made a sound.

Some Connections I Had

One connection I had when I was researching was that both the instruments and I have a voice for music. How we both have a voice for music is because when your an instrument you make sound and a so that is like when you talk you have a voice and your using it. And I love to play music and sing. So therefore we both have a voice for music.

Also both the Lute,Violin,Guitar,and me have something that makes us tuned.How that is possible is because when you play a stringed instrument you have something that will make you tuned like a tuner. For humans if you sing you do warm-ups that make your voice in the right key.

Those are some of my connections I had when researching.

Vocabulary Words

Pegbox-Where the strings are held and get tuned.

-The violin's pegbox is similar to the guitar's and the lute's.

Bridge- Where the sound and vibration comes from.

The Bridge is what makes the sound when you pluck the strings.

Bow- What helps makes the sound on the Violin.

- The bow has the same job as the finger that plucks the strings to make sound.

How the Lute sounds

Greensleeves - Anonymous - Cutting - Lute