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Week of February 8


Happy Friday! It's been a good week here at Tidwell! As you know, we were out for training on the new teacher appraisal system, TTESS. While it is different than what we are accustomed to, I feel that we will transition smoothly to the new system with the least amount of stress and concern. So much of what TTESS is about is exactly what we are already doing here in NISD and Tidwell.

As you move into PLCs this week, our focus is on Progress Monitoring tools. Be sure to read through the directions prior to attending the meeting....you'll need to bring 4 samples of PM tools you're using currently in your classroom. Don't wait until Monday morning at 8:05am to run around looking for that sample - be prepared and honor your team's time.

I am excited to see and hear your conversations this week. PM tools are an important action item in our campus Instructional Focus this year. It's crucial that we move beyond simply having them in our classroom with our students completing them independently, but to guiding our students in how to use these tools to increase their success in your classrooms.

Keep up the good work, Titans. The best is yet to come!


This Week at Tidwell:

Monday, Feb 8
PLCs - 8:00a
Boys Bball vs Keller (7th away/8th home)
NISD Board Mtg

Tuesday, Feb 9
Lady Titan Bball vs Keller (7th home/8th away)
TELPAS Rater Trng

Wednesday, Feb 10
PLCs - 8:00a

Thursday, Feb 11
Barker @ DLT (am)
District Bball Tournaments Begin

Friday, Feb 12

Faculty Mtg 8:00a
District Bball Tournament

District Tournament Locations:
7th Girls - Pike MS
8th Girls - Tidwell MS
7th Boys - Hillwood MS
8th Boys - Trinity Springs MS

Important Information

  • Thank you to our UIL coordinator, Alexander, and coaches for a great day on Saturday! Our students did an outstanding job!
  • A big THANK YOU to Mrs. Adley for holding down the fort while we were off campus for TTESS training.
  • Be sure to log your #titansread books in the Google form log. So far, Titan staff have ready 532 books!
  • T-TESS will be replacing PDAS as the teacher appraisal system in the 2016-2017 school year. Throughout this semester, I'll be sharing information with you. Be sure to see the Top 10 List below for your first round of information! {{I promise it'll be ok!! }}
  • Our Lady Titans Bball Teams are doing a service learning project this week. Let's get out there and support them!

Top 10 Things You Need to Know about T-TESS

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10. You'll be fully trained by your Titan Admin staff on one of your August Professional Development Days.
9. The PDAS Exceeds is now the T-TESS Proficient.
8. You'll have one formal evaluation per year.
7. Each evaluation will include a pre-conference and post-conference with your evaluator.
6. There are 5 levels of performance in the T-TESS rubric: Distinguished, Accomplished, Proficient, Developing and Needs Improvement.
5. There are 4 Domains in the T-TESS rubic: Planning, Leaning Environment, Instruction and Professional Practices/Responsibilities.
4. Evaluations will be the duration of one full lesson cycle.
3. Overall focus of all rubrics is more student-centered instruction and less teacher-centered instruction.
2. The language of the T-TESS rubrics sound very similar to our Campus Instructional Focus! (We already function within this mindset of instruction!!)
1. You guys will ROCK the T-TESS!

Sweatin' in the PLCs

This week you'll meet in your Content Area PLC to discuss and share the progress monitoring tools you are using in your classroom.

Am I getting the results I planned for?

Task: Each team member brings 4 pieces of evidence of Progress Monitoring tools they have used in class since January 18th. As each team member shares their tools, reflect upon their practice by delivering warm and cool feedback to each other. How might this tool be beneficial to others? Are the students able to self-reflect and monitor their own learning? If so, how do we replicate that in all classes? If not, how do we support and plan for students to do so?

As you discuss your Progress Monitoring tool samples, post pics of each one with feedback to the corresponding Padlet link for your Department.



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