Trident Gum

and Poseidon's trident

The brand's name

Most people don't think about where the name Trident comes from or really means when they buy a pack of Trident gum. Well it all goes back to Greek mythology and it's greek gods and goddesses. Poseiden, god of the sea, uses a trident as a weapon and is also a symbol that represents him. Trident literally means "three toothed", which is what a trident is described as, and the company took it's name because it is related to teeth and the gum company is made to improve anyone's oral health who chews their gum.

Why it is important today

Naming the gum company

Naming the gum company was only the beginning and so was being inspired by Poseidon's trident. The Trident gum company has helped many people improve their oral health and it all started with that one sea god who just happen to carry a trident as his third arm.


If you are interested in the company and their product then I suggest you go to for more information and you can find this gum in pretty much every store in the U.S. that sells food, and other countries.