Fun Facts Of The Savanna


Giraffe: Stands up most of its live even while giving birth. It is the worlds tallest mammal. Their name Giraffe Camelopardalis means one who walks quickly, a camel marked like a leopard.

Elephant: Can live to be 70 years old. An elephant heart weighs about 29 pounds.It is the only mammal to not be able to jump.The worlds largest Elephant weighs about 12 tons.

Zebra: Just like humans no two finger prints are the same.Zebras can run up to 40 mph. Zebras are very social animals they stay in groups for short periods of time then move to new groups.

conservation efforts

-The efforts include keeping count of the animals.

- Prosecuting poachers for killing these animals on the wildlife refuges.

Wild Fires

Their are many fires that break out in the grasslands and kills most of the trees. It also helps to make the ground more fertile.


The animals in the savanna biome really depend on each other for food so if left alone they could die because they didn't have a leader to follow. Some animals use their memory to find water holes. But many just stay in the groups and let the alpha figure it out.