Mrs. Nick's 4th Grade Newsletter

We are "The Crystal Kids"

What's New This Week? 10/21/16

Special Updates

  • Don't Forget! Students now have both Spelling and Math homework due each Friday.
  • Our holiday Halloween Party will be on October 28. Stay tuned for more information about the parade, costumes, volunteering, party donations and times.
  • Congratulations! STudent and student are our new student council reps...
  • Board Meeting at Jefferson. Thanks to all of you who agreed to have your child participate in the upcoming board meeting this Monday , Oct. 24. Students will sing three songs at the meeting. Please have your child come to school by 6:20; the meeting starts at 6:30.

Star Status

These students had all their homework done, planner signed on time and NO card flips this week. They have reached "Star Status". Congratulations!:

Spelling Words (Next Week)

Language Arts (taught by Mrs. Middleton)

Students are:

Math (taught by Mrs. Nick)

Students are:

  • Coming attractions in math...after our place value unit, we will turn to factors, multiples, multiplication and division. That means we will start learning how to multiply two numbers by two numbers and long division.

Social Studies (taught by Mrs. Nick)

Students are:

Science (taught by Mrs. Middleton)

Students are: