Japanese 2 - Lesson 3

Week of 2/1- 2/5

Coaching Starts Today! All Students Must Attend 2 Coaching Sessions This Week!

Items Due This Week:

The assignments listed below are deliverable items to be submitted by the end of the day they are due.

Monday: Lesson 3 Vocabulary Assignment

Tuesday: Start Lesson 3 Speaking Assignment + Sign Up for a Partner (If you don't already have one from lesson 2)

Wednesday: Lesson 3 Cultural Assignment (you must submit your own post and respond to 2 of your classmates' postings for full credit.)

Thursday: Lesson 3 Speaking Assignment (you must listen to and comment on 2 of your classmates' recordings for full credit.)

Friday: Lesson 3 Vocabulary Quiz + Lesson 3 Grammar Quiz

Language Coaching Starts Today!

Students who have Monday/Wednesday coaching sessions will take their first coaching sessions today. Be sure you know who your coach is and when you are scheduled for coaching. The coaching schedule is posted above.

Please try to go into the Blackboard Collaborate classroom early - at least 10 minutes before the start of your class, but no sooner than 15 minutes before to not interfere with an ongoing coaching session to make sure you're ready to go.

Please do not use the Google Chrome browser - it does not work well with Blackboard Collaborate

If you are having tech issues, always call in using a phone so you can get full credit.

Phone numbers and passcodes, and additional troubleshooting tips can be found in the flyer below with more information about coaching.

Start Module 1, Lesson 3 Today

From the left hand toolbar, navigate to Course Modules > Module > M1. L3. Lesson 3 to see this week's materials

You will want to visit the following links under Lesson 3 today:

  • Overview
  • Video, Audio, Japanese Text, English Translation

You'll also want to carefully review the lesson 3 vocabulary and grammar notes. Links below for easy references.

Take your time to carefully review the material. I recommend watching the video several times today and pausing after each line to repeat what was previously said aloud so you can practice your pronunciation.

Also be sure you have completed all of the Lesson 1 and 2 material already. Please submit any outstanding items ASAP.

Any assignments that are submitted late starting today are subject to point deductions for being overdue.

Click Here for the Due Date Calendar

The Due Date Calendar lists all assignments for the course and when they are due. If you have not already printed a copy - please do so and post it somewhere you see it every day to make sure you are keeping up with your assignments.

Submit L3 Vocabulary Assignment Today

Please submit your Lesson 3 vocabulary assignment today. You will create a multimedia presentation using a source like PowerPoint, Google Slides or Prezi.

Be sure that your audio can be heard/is properly embedded if you choose to use PowerPoint. I recommend using prezi.com to create a presentation online using a FREE account to avoid audio problems. If I can't hear your recordings, I can't give you credit for them. :(

Don't forget the Peer Tutoring Center!

The *FREE* Peer Tutoring Center has peer tutors available to help all Japanese 2 students with their coursework. Peer tutors can answer questions or help tutor students who need help with their course material.

Watch the video below for a step by step guide to accessing the Peer Tutoring Center website:

The Counter かい (times)

かい is used to indicate the number of times or occurrences something happens. The chart below can help you memorize these. The ones highlighted in yellow and blue are irregular:
Big image
Do you remember why we use the small 'tsu' in Japanese? This is used to help us write a double consonant. Here are some examples:

いっかい= ikkai (once)

ろっかい= rokkai (6 times)

はっかい = hakkai (8 times)

じゅっかい = jyukkai (10 times)

When looking at hiragana and romaji together, that first k written in romaji is represented by the small 'tsu' in hiragana. If you break it down:

i = い

k = っ

ka = か

i = い

Planning Ahead

Congratulations to Sasha K. for planning ahead and testing out the Blackboard Collaborate classroom over the weekend to make sure she's ready to go today. Planning ahead is always a great idea. よくできました。

"Sometimes, things may not go your way, but the effort should be there every single night." -Michael Jordan

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