Just so You Know (What's going on)

Ms. Baldonado's Thoughts

Grade Updates

Greetings Parents and Students,

Grades for my courses have been updated. This means that zeros have been entered for all assignments that were not submitted and were due on Friday, October 11. Turning in assignments on time is the best way to ensure your grade does not drop. However, if you forgot an assignment or needed a little extra time, you can turn it in late. Remember, you have 5 school days to submit late work. 10% is deducted each school day the assignment is late. So work submitted on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday after the due date receive a 10% deduction. Tuesday receives a 20% deduction after grading; Wednesday, 30%; Thursday, 40% and Friday, 50%. No late work can be accepted after a week past the due date. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Checking Quiz Feedback

Check missed quiz and test questions!!
1. Click on Assessments and then Quizzes from the tool bar at the top of your Course Homepage.
2. From the Quiz List, click on the down arrow beside the quiz for which you would like to review and choose Submissions.
3. Click on the attempt you would like to view.



Students (& parents,too), be sure to include your full name and your enrolled course you when you email me or leave voice messages. Also, if you are asking me questions about assignments, quizzes, etc., please be specific about the question (include as many details as possible).

About Accommodations

Many students receive accommodations through GaVS. Please note that these newsletters (and grade update emails) go to all students. Likewise, failing phone calls go out to all students, regardless of accommodations. If you have a due date extension due to accommodations, zeros are entered and your grade replaces the zero when the work is submitted.

Parent Auditor Accounts

Parents, you can connect your account to your student's account. This will allow you to keep track of grades, assignments submitted, login history, and much more. Please click on the following links to learn more about creating and using this account.