Are UFO's real and who flys them?

History of UFO's

Kenneth Arnold claims to spot 9 UFO's out of the window of his plane. When he shared this with everybody, they beleived him. UFO's became a big topic when he shared this. People started to look for more UFO's. People would go and look in the sky for UFO's and take pictures of them.
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Evidence of UFO's

There is many evidence that supports that UFO's are real. Like when Kenneth Ranold spotted 9 UFO's from his plane. This is evidence becasue they cant be planes because 9 planes would not be flying right next to each other. Other evidence is, people believe that we aren't the only living things in the whole galaxy.

Therios About UFO's

One of the biggest therios about UFO's is, they are aliens way of flying. This means that aliens are flying UFO's. Another the theory is UFO's are a cicular shape. Tis is the only shape people belive other than a triangle.

What Are UFO's and Who Flys Them.

UFO's are a transportation system for aliens or another life form. Many people beleive in that aliens fly UFO's.