Adobe Connect @ ELS

A handy sheet to support use of Adobe Connect in ELS Schools

What is Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing platform that will be used to deliver practical professional learning sessions for School Education Directors, principals, executive staff and SASS staff. To learn more about Adobe Connect, what you will need to use Adobe Connect and how you can access a meeting please click here (dec intranet login needed) Adobe Connect information.
Adobe Connect for eLearning

How do I use Adobe Connect?

NSW Department of Education and Communities has its own Adobe Connect environment that is accessible both inside and outside the network. Click here (dec login) to access the support resources and access the resource.

Why use Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect can be used to have meetings or facilitate classes online when you can't meet face to face. An Adobe Connect meeting allows participants to:

  • deliver presentations with PowerPoint slides and voice
  • discuss ideas or ask and answer questions via audio chat or text chat
  • share what is on the presenters computer screen to give demonstrations
  • share files and collaborate on documents
  • use "breakout rooms" for targeted team discussions.
  • record meetings for future reference or revision.