Pre-AP English 7 update

Mr. Baumgardner's class

Week of November 30th

We will be starting Unit 2 in our Springboard book this week.

I will be at Google Trainer boot camp Tuesday through Thursday this week, but as always, I will be checking emails. I graded over 1000 documents over the break. Your student's grade is as current as it can be as of Sunday night. If they need to turn in work, they can give it to me Monday, or put it in the box in the back of the room when I am gone this week.

Upcoming date:

December 4, grade lock for progress reports

Semester Exams December 16-18 (or only 12 instructional days away!)

Mr. Ryan Baumgardner

I am currently enjoying my 11th year here at Jackson. This is my 3rd year in 7th grade, and prior to that I had taught all 6th grade.