by: lois lowry, flyer by Eli Blanco-Jimenez


Jonas lives in a community where everything is controlled. The community is very dull and lacks color or excitement. When he is given the assignment of receiver, his whole life changes. Jonas is given memories of the community's past which changes how he sees life. He begins to see color and starts to experience things that nobody else can. Then jonas begins to wonder "why can't everyone experience all these amazing things?". After talking to the Giver, Jonas has a plan to show the community this whole other part of life they could have never imagined as being possible. Will his plan work or will the community be faced to deal with the plain life they have always live?


At the ceremony of 12, Jonas is given the assignment of receiver of memories. He goes to the Giver everyday to receive his training but cannot say anything to his parents or friends. After realizing how much the community was missing from their lives, Jonas was determined to figure out a way to let them experience all the amazing memories the Giver had given him even if it meant they had to take some of the bad memories too.


"Its the choosing thats important, isn't it?"


  1. what was one theme of The Giver?
  2. why does the community think sameness is so important?
  3. how are some of the things Jonas does in his daily life different from yours?


i would give this book a 4/5 stars. Although the middle of the story was kind of repetitive, the plot and idea behind the whole story was interesting and made me want to read more.