Confusing Love Story of Twelfth Man

By:Eric Robinson

Twelfth Night

In the play Twelfth Night three marriages were formed at the end of the play.


A few quotes from Shakespeare used in "twelfth Night" was present in "She's the Man" for example "Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them!" (II. v. 129-130) Also the main characters' names are the same.

Differences In Movie

1. Modern English

2. Duke thought that Sebastian kissed Olivia

3. Olivia is sad because she got dumped.

4. Olivia is falling love with Sebastian

5. Illyria is the name of the soccer team

6. Mavolio is a spider

7. Viola disguises herself as Sebastian

Difference In Play

1. Olivia is sad because her brother is dead

2. Duke thought that Cersario got married to Olivia.

3. Mavolio is a servant.

4 .Viola disguises herself as Cersario

5 .Oliva is falling in love with Cersario.

She's the Man Comedic Ladder

Low Comedy: When Viola is in the Locker room and one of the soccer players take their towel off, and she gets disgusted from what she is seeing.

Farce: The tampon falling out of her boot at the wrong time would be an example. Viola had just met the soccer players and she was trying to act like a guy for the first time.

Comedy of Manners: An example would be "Drown me in your tears" because the words are used as a put down. This happened when Duke and Justin was fighting at the carnival.

Comedy of Ideas: Viola at the Debutant rehearsal dinner is an example. The way Viola was acting at the professional party was disturbing to others. She was told "to chew as if she had a secret."

Twelfth Night Comedic Latter

Low Comedy: An example of visual comedy in Twelfth Night would be when Malvolio dresses in yellow cross-gartered stockings to impress Olivia. " Remember who commended thy yellow stockings and wish to see thee ever cross-gartered" (Act 2). People would of considered this funny because people with too much yellow bile were thought to have personalities like Malvolio's.

Farce: An example of farce would be when Sebastian is mistaken for Cersario and agrees to fight Duke.

Comedy of Manners: An example would be when everyone was telling Clown that he was an exceptional singer, however is actually horrible. They were putting Clown down because he did not sing so well and thought it was funny to humiliate him.

Comedy of Idea: When Duke told Cersario that a woman's heart is smaller than a man's would be an example. Duke believes and fights for his political view on women and that is comedy of idea.

She's the Man

Soccer was the motive for the story and how all of the characters were connected in some shape or form.