October 13-16

Week 9 - Second Quarter

News This Week

Skating: We will leave for skating at 11 and return by 1. We welcome any parents that would like to walk with us! Our lunch will be 10:25-10:50. If students bring spending money, they are responsible for keeping up with it and any purchases they make. Students must pay by Thursday to attend.

AR Reward: Students who met their AR goals for the first quarter will get their reward on Friday. At the start of the year, you signed a slip giving permission to watch a movie and have a snack for this event. We will be watching Ramona and have cookies and lemon aid. This will be Friday before skating. Kids that did not meet their goal will be working on reading and testing at this time with help. I will be staying with the students that did not meet their goal and Mrs. Clayton will be hosting our goal-meeting students.

Tests: We will take tests Thursday and Friday this week, due to skate day. I want to make sure they know the material before we try and take a test, but I also don't want to cram everything in on Friday and stress them out. If we need to move the grammar to next week then we will! Spelling will be Friday.

Field Trip: A permission slip for our field trip on October 21 has been send home. It is $10.50 for students and $3.00 for chaperones. Please let me know if you have questions or concerns about this trip. We have plenty of chaperones at this point.

Skate Day Money Due Thursday!

Studies this Week

  • Skills: Drawing conclusions and inferences - students should be able to tell why a character acts the way they do or tell a logical conclusion from given information in a story. For example, if my face is red and I stamp my feet, you might conclude that I'm angry or frustrated.
  • Skills: Drawing conclusions, inferences, characters, and answering direct questions from the text
  • Phonics: Compound words
  • Vocabulary: dictionary skills and reference books - knowing alphabetical order, what kind of books to use (dictionary vs glossary or thesaurus)


  • Practice spelling and writing words. Visit spellingcity.com/meverette for more practice. The story title is "Prudy's Problem".
  • Words this week: sunglasses, football, homework, haircut, popcorn, railroad, snowstorm, earring, scarecrow, blueberry, butterflies, lawnmower, campground, sandbox, toothbrush, thumbtack, earthquake, scrapbook, courthouse, whirlpool


  • Multiplication - we are starting with a number of groups and items in each group to really understand what multiplication IS. They seem to be doing very well with this. Memorizing facts is great, but I'm seeing students are weaker in adding and subtracting so we need to master those first!
  • Facts - we are working on basic facts. Students should already know addition and subtraction facts to 20 quickly.


Vocabulary on our reading test will be dictionary skills. Students need to know how to use a word when given the meaning and when a glossary is more appropriate than a dictionary.


We will start informational writing this week and we are working on responding to questions in writing like the ones on our reading tests.


  • Abstract Nouns: Nouns can be an idea or feeling.
  • Examples include: childhood, love, happiness


  • Weather - tools, types, clouds

Social Studies

  • Studies Weekly - Rights & Responsibilities
  • Students can logon to Studies Weekly at home by going to studiesweekly.com
  • Daily Geography

Practice at Home

When reading fiction or watching a movie or television show, ask your child:

· What is the story mainly about?

· What is a problem(s) that the character has to solve? How do they solve it?

Find the answers to questions in the text or support thinking with details from the show.

When reading fiction or watching a movie or television show, ask your child:

· Who are the main characters?

· Tell me how the character is feeling in this part of the story.

· Find the reasons why the character acted this way.

· How do the character’s traits contribute to the story?

· How does this character affect what happens in the beginning or at the end of the story? Why?

· What were the character’s motivations in finding a resolution to the problem?

Important Dates


16 - Skate Day & AR Rewards

16 - Report Cards sent home

26 - Red Ribbon Week

26 - Monday- sock it to drugs- wear silly socks

27 - Tuesday-hats off to being drug free-wear your favorite hat

28 - Wednesday-team up against drugs – wear you favorite team shirt

29 - Thursday-don't let drugs mix you up-wear mismatch clothes

30 - Friday-I'm a Jean-ius- wear jeans and a red shirt