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SKE'S Counseling Newsletter-End of Fall Semester Edition

Counseling Lessons in December K-5th

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In December all of our students learned about personal safety. Each month our students have been learning about a safety tip. December's safety tip is all about personal body safety. This safety tip was covered by our monthly counseling lesson where students learned that personal safety is how we keep ourselves safe. Students discussed unsafe and safe situations and what makes a situation unsafe. This also included how unsafe situations make us feel and how to protect ourselves. Protecting ourselves includes saying no and getting away (or running away). Students expressed what they should do in unsafe situations: tell a trusted adult. Students identified who their trusted adults are and were reminded that as a Pepcat we want to make sure all students are staying safe. This lesson is mandated from State Law due to Erin's Law being implemented in TN. Erin's Law requires schools across the state of Tennessee to provide age-appropriate instruction to students PreK-12 on personal body safety and abuse. If you would like to find out more information on this law, click here. For more information on how to prevent child abuse (including sexual, mental, and physical abuse), feel free to visit the Stop Child Abuse website here.

Crisis Resources

As we all prepare for the upcoming second semester, we wanted to remind you of a few resources in case you need them while school personnel are unavailable.

Crisis Resources

Parent/Caregiver Counseling Referral

Please use the link to submit a counseling referral if you need any resources or want Ms. K to check in with your student!