Odd Jobs

by: Stuart Mclean

About Student Mclean

Stuart Mclean writes and hosts the most popular CBC radio show 'The Vinyl Café'

Stuart Mclean is the author of many bestselling and award-winning books,

including 6 collections of Vinyl Café stories.

Stuart McLean - The Vinyl Cafe Storyteller

About The Story

This story is about Dave and Morley.

As usual Dave and Morley sat outside in their backyard and they had those

married couple talks, and they decided to once again try to save money, they

weren't sure what to waste the money on.

5 years later that was about to change...

Dave and Morley have different ideas on what to waste the money on. Dave wanted to waste the money on a bright yellow TR6, but Morley wanted to waste the money on a new-second floor bathroom, where there would always be clean towels and a dry toilet seat.

So as you can see they cant really agree on what to waste the money on. Dave decides to fix some wires around the house and well he goes through some crazy adventures!!

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To me i think that the message is to know what your doing before your actually doing it.

Dave goes through these crazy things just to fix just a little outlet when he could have just called an professional to help him. Dave had to break his wall just so he could fix a wire, he even broke his window, and trust me it was not worth it!! Dave and Morley have been saving money for 5 years and if Dave would have just called a professional to do it he probably would have had enough money to do what he wanted with the money, and he would not have holes in his walls or a broken window!

I hope that Dave learned his lesson to actually know what he is doing before he is actually doing it.

Personal connections

My personal connection to this story is pretty much exactly like this story just a bit different. My Family and I always like to go on road trips to places we have never gone before, so my dad has always wanted to go to Kelowna British Columbia We had to save money for that. At first we weren't so sure if we wanted to go to Kelowna, my siblings and I wanted to go to Disney world or some place like that ( we have never been there before). Anyway we ended up going to Kelowna! It was super fun! I am glad we ended up going!