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May is Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month!

Translation Information

En tu celular, a la derecha, verás a una persona en un círculo. Haga clic en ese círculo. Verá la palabra "traducir". Haga clic en traducir. El boletín se convertirá a su idioma.

Trên điện thoại di động, ở bên phải, bạn sẽ thấy một người trong vòng kết nối. Bấm vào vòng tròn đó. Bạn sẽ thấy từ "dịch". Bấm vào dịch. Bản tin sẽ được chuyển đổi sang ngôn ngữ của bạn.

Āpanāra sēla phōnē, ḍānadikē, āpani ēkaṭi br̥ttē ēkajana byaktikē dēkhatē pābēna sē'i br̥ttē klika karuna. Āpani"anubāda" śabdaṭi dēkhatē pābēna. Anubādē klika karuna. Ni'ujalēṭāraṭi āpanāra bhāṣāẏa rūpāntarita habē.

A Message from Mrs. Johnson

Principal Johnson
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Mr. Ken Ong, guest speaker for Asian Pacific Islander History Month

Ken Ong is the owner of Boba Mocha and recent author of the book, Hope and Happiness. He received his Bachelor's of Science Degree in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing. He has pioneered several businesses. His message to our students was to never give up no matter how difficult the situation may be. In his book, Hope and Happiness, his goal is to present ideas and tools, developed through his own experiences, to help people find hope, happiness, and purpose in life again. He says, "it may not solve their problems, but the hope is that they can see life through a different lens."

Thank you Mr. Ong for visiting and supporting Sweetwater Middle School!

The Sweetwater Art Show

JLC Promotion Ceremony

JLC Awards Night

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The Counseling Corner

With less than a month of school left, students may start to slack off as they anticipate summer break. However, this is not the time for them to lose focus. Here are a few tips to help your student finish the school year strong. 1. Replenish supplies. After months of hard work and lots of time spent in the classroom, many students are left with little or sub-par supplies. It’s hard to do your best work when you don't have the right tools. 2. Stick to your child's regular bedtime schedule, and continue to make time for homework and at-home reading. 3. Goals are a great way to keep students motivated and on-task towards the end of a school year. Help your children select one or two small goals to accomplish before the end of the school year. One goal could be that they turn in any missing assignments they have. 4. Lead by example. If your child hears you talking about how you wish it was summer, or how you can't wait for school to be over, they are likely to mimic you, so avoid speaking negatively about school, homework, etc. in front of your child.

Versión en Español

Con menos de un mes de escuela restante, los estudiantes pueden comenzar a aflojar mientras anticipan las vacaciones de verano. Sin embargo, este no es el momento para que pierdan el enfoque. Aquí hay algunos consejos para ayudar a su estudiante a terminar el año escolar fuerte. 1. Reponer suministros. Después de meses de arduo trabajo y mucho tiempo en el aula, muchos estudiantes se quedan con suministros escasos o por debajo de la media. Es difícil hacer tu mejor trabajo cuando no tienes las herramientas adecuadas. 2. Siga el horario regular de acostarse de su hijo y continúe haciendo tiempo para la tarea y la lectura en el hogar. 3. Las metas son una excelente manera de mantener a los estudiantes motivados y en la tarea hacia el final de un año escolar. Ayude a sus hijos a seleccionar una o dos metas pequeñas para lograr antes del final del año escolar. Un objetivo podría ser que entreguen las tareas que falten que puedan tener. 4. Predicar con el ejemplo. Si su hijo lo escucha hablar sobre cómo desearía que fuera verano, o cómo no puede esperar a que termine la escuela, es probable que lo imiten, así que evite hablar negativamente sobre la escuela, la tarea, etc. frente a su hijo.

From the Parent Center

Thank you parents for making our Teacher Appreciation Week a success! Your donations really made our teachers feel special, and we want to thank you for thinking of us!

Final Exam Schedule

8th grade Sem. 2 Final exams Academics 1/2 May 16th

8th grade Sem. 2 Final exams Academics 3/4 May 17th

6th grade Sem. 2 Final exams Academic 1/2 May 18th

6th grade Sem. 2 Final exams Academic 3/4 May 19th

7th grade Sem. 2 Final exams Academic 1/2 May 20th

7th grade Sem. 2 Final exams Academic 3/4 May 23rd

Awards Day Schedule and Palooza

May 16 - 6th Grade Awards ( 9:45 - 11:20)
May 17 - 7th Grade Awards (9:45 - 11:20)
May 18 - 8th Grade Awards (9:45 - 11:20)
May 19 - Gear Up Celebration/Awards (9:45 - 10:45)
May 23 - 6th Grade Palooza 2
May 24 - 7th Grade Palooza 2
May 25 - 8th Grade Palooza Day
May 25 - Last day of school

Community Spotlight: "Two Churches, One Purpose: Community Service"

Stonemill Atlanta Church

To Pastor Tito Ruiz and Stonemill Atlanta Church,

Thank you so much for all the support you provide Sweetwater Middle School. From translation during parent teacher conferences (virtual or in-person), to helping with our food drives (bagging and distributing food to our families, and interpreting when our families have questions), we can always depend on you for your service. We appreciate you!

Hopewell Baptist Church

To the ladies of Hopewell Baptist Church,

Thank you so much for all the support you provide us during our bimonthly food drive. You have helped us organize the distribution of food as well as help bag and distribute food to our families. Thank you for opening your food pantry to help our needy families during Thanksgiving. We appreciate you!

Community Supporter - Dynamic Image, Inc.

Welcome to the Sweetwater Family! Thank you for the doughnuts and egg wraps you donated to us on Teacher Appreciation Day. Our teachers really appreciated your kindness and thoughtfulness.

Dyamic Image, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) family-oriented organization. The Committee and Board of Directors are a group of diverse individuals from many different origins of the Caribbean and the United States. "We care about every person and invest in his or her staff as if a parent would their child. In order to see our community, thrive, we have put in hard work, to help build programs that will better help our neighborhood and or families in need."

Mission Statement:

Serving our community with love and loyalty. Empowering others to make a difference locally.