Body Image

Do you like how you see yourself?


Are you constantly looking in the mirror and picking out every flaw you have? You are very likely to have a poor body image. Even after countless diets and exercise programs you still struggle with the way you look. You are striving for perfection, but you are not getting the results you want. This is how many people struggle with their body image. They are constantly comparing themselves with the people around them and the images they see in magazines. Even young children deal with the same problem. About 42% of elementary aged girls do not like how they look. They are insecure because of what they see in magazines. The media is effecting people's body image. No one is perfect.

Photoshop/photo editing

Perfect is Unrealistic

We live in a world that portrays the need to be perfect. Many people have problems dealing with how they see themselves because of what they see in the media. 80% of women feel less about themselves after looking at magazines. Constant photoshop changes the way people see themselves. Photoshop makes people believe that they have to be perfect and that none has flaws. The truth is that everyone has flaws and insecurities. Photoshop makes people look unrealistic. So the next time you look at an image in the magazine, remember that magazines use photo shop. The images you see are not realistic.

Mirror lies

People dealing with poor body image see themselves as larger than they actually are. Young children of the ages between 6-8 struggle with poor body image. The society people live in has a huge impact on the way people think they should look.