Let's finish March Strong!

This month is HARDLY over!

Time to make your March goals happen!

This month may or may not have started the way you wanted, but there is STILL time to make magic happen with your business. A few hours of CONCENTRATED effort on the most high value activity - BOOKING - will fuel not only your March goals, but your April and May goals as well.

Here's a quick list of what you should do THIS week to move your business forward!

1. Focus on Booking!!!!!!

Booking is a process...follow the STEPS and BOOKING BLISS is guaranteed:).

Remember, you may have to reach out to 10 to book 1. So, if you want 4 trunk shows, reach out to 40, 10 a day will yield you 4 bookings by the end of the week.

Focus on Booking MARCH...you will still end up adding April trunk shows but if you focus on March, you will BOOk March AND April:).

Hi Samantha!
We’re so excited for summer at Stella & Dot that we couldn’t resist releasing some of our summer collection early! I immediately thought of you when I saw our Kaia Pendant Necklace and Chandelier earrings. I would love to get you and your girlfriends together for a fun style session and spoil YOU with a FREE shopping spree! I've got 3 March dates available:
Tues, March 24th
Thurs, March 26th
Sunday, March 29th
What do you think? I’ll give you a call to chat later this afternoon/evening:).
xo, Danielle (your Stella & Dot stylst)

Follow Up Phone Call:
If you reach them live:
Hey Samantha. Danielle with Stella & Dot here. How are you? I hope you are LOVING your purchase you made at Sharon's show in November. (pause...let her comment, etc). I wanted to follow up as promised from my text earlier today b/c we are launching a summer preview THIS week AND our Spring Collection is getting RAVE reviews. I'd LOVE to come and spoil you with a FREE shopping spree while having a fun hour or two of shopping with your girlfriends. What do you think? Let's get you and your girlfriends ready for warmer weather…

If you get a VOICEMAIL:
Hey Samanta! It's Danielle Allison! So sorry I missed you! If you are anything like me texting is best to communicate so I am going to pop a quick text over to you!!! Chat soon! Bye:) Happy March...Hope to see you very soon!

FOLLOW UP TEXT (after you leave a voicemail message): INCLUDE another cute booking image or two:
Hey Samantha! I just left you a quick voicemail but if you are anything like me- texting is better!!! Totally have been thinking of you and especially when these summer pieces released today! I would LOVE to do a 90 min Style your Spring for you and your friends! They update their spring style and you have a free shopping spree at the end! Easy peasy- light snacks and girl time fun! I have X and X available! What do you think???

2. Join our team Facebook Page

This is a MUST to stay up to date on the latest tips, trainings, tools, and incentives available to you! Leaders, please make sure all of your new stylists are on the team page.

Click here to join.


If you have been frozen (literally!) in your business and can't seem to shake off the winter greys, have no FEAR! You are SO not alone. This Business Boosting Blitz will have you give you just the boost of energy and momentum you need to FIRE up your March and sail right into a stunning Spring calendar just in time for the SUMMER COLLECTION release (which is GOOOOOORGEOUS!!!!).

We are all in this together to keep each other accountable! Each day look out for your challenge email and post your ACTIONS on our Facebook page to get points.

Check the team Facebook page each daily challenge!

4. Join the Team Facebook Chat: "How to get out of friends & family"

Join our team online for a Facebook chat on how to expand your business network and get beyond your friends and family. This is a MUST for anyone looking to add trunk shows to your calendar for Spring!!!!

Join the chat by visiting the Facebook event page on THIS WEDNESDAY, March 18, 2015 at 8:00pm CT/9:00PM ET!

5. Take advantage of our weekly Home Office Training Calls

Each week, Home Office provides amazing training calls to help you succeed at your business. I personally aim to tune in to at least one live call (or recording) per week to fuel my business. You will be surprised to see the difference dialing in once a week will make in your business this season.

6. Sign up for Weekly Coaching Calls

If you would like to connect on a one-to-one basis for business coaching with me, email me today! This 20 minute window is designed to set goals for the week, strategize for your success, and hold you accountable to actions to move your business forward. This is ideal for those aiming for promotions by Hoopla.

Coaching times are available on Tuesdays for 20 minute windows between 11:00amCT/12noonET - 5:00pmCT/6:00pmET.

Email me to schedule your coaching time today!

7. Mark your calendars for HOOPLA 2015!!!

HOOPLA IS COMING!!!! Grab a roomie, book your flight and get ready to register very soon for July 16-18, 2015 Hoopla!!!!

This year will be EPIC!!! If you are in your first year or two of being a stylist - which is MOST OF YOU - then you NEED to be there! it is worth the money because your business will pay you back tenfold when you get home. You will leave ready to become the next president of the United States! Motivation and training is through the roof. Support and fun over the top. Gifts. Recognition. Food. Drinks. Dancing. Danielle!!!! You just gotta be there and see for yourself ladies!!!!

PLUS!!! I look forward ALL YEAR to toast YOU on the success in your business! The promotions will be poppin this spring so you gotta be there to celebrate it!!!!

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