Emperor Franz-Joseph

By: Aria

The Emperor

Sitting in Austria on a throne, there used to be an emperor.

Who was this emperor you may ask?

Only the great and mighty Franz-Joseph!

About Franz-Joseph

Franz-Joseph, born on August 18th, 1830, was the emperor of Austria and the king of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia. Now, you may have heard this name before because Franz Ferdinand, the man who got assassinated (helping to trigger World War I), was his nephew! Did you know that Franz-Joseph himself was almost assassinated by a stab in the neck with a knife? Fortunately, he used to wear uniforms with a high neck so it didn't kill him.

Franz-Joseph was born at the Schönbrunn Palace in Austria and was the longest reigning emperor, ruling for almost 68 years! On November 21st, 1916, the mighty ruler of Austria sadly passed away. Emperor Franz-Joseph will be remembered for all he had done and his role in the beginning of World War I. Today, you can still see the tomb of Franz-Joseph in the Imperial Crypt in Austria.